By SirPimPim - 14/06/2010 14:32 - Sweden

Today, there was a long queue at the store, and behind me were two senior citizens. I wanted to do a good deed, so I said, "Cut before me in line, I have all the time in the world." My reward? The old man scolded me because I supposedly insinuated that they were old, and only had a short time left to live. FML
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Soon he'll be dead and you'll still be alive. Then you'll have your revenge.

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Old people can be asses sometimes. Kudos to you for trying to be nice.


wow it is amazing,,and you kinda deserve it

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no one likes a good samaritan, fyl

# 1 I applaud you for not claiming first. :) and at OP maybe word your sentences more carefully?

you know what they say "no good deed goes unpunished"

I agree with 18. good intentions but you should be way more careful in the way you state things. :x

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you have to be extra careful what you say aroun old people there sensitive lol I work in a nursing home I know how it feels to be yelled at over a misunderstanding GL next time OP

20 I approve of your shirt m/(>_<)m/ to the post: I guess it's not a ydi, bc you were trying to do something good. but your life really isn't ******... watch what you say next time...

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OP, you're probably a very awkward person. I mean those old people are stupid to assume your intentions were to insult them by wasting more of your own time, but you're still probably very awkward.

#20 are you pyro without the disguise? (team fortress 2) =D

yeah YDI for trying to be generous to senior citizens, do you think they care when they cut you off while driving on the street?nope, because if you hit them they will get the money, next time YOU cut THEM :D

kill them! it's not like they're gonna live forever!

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this reminds me of when my dad met OJ Simpson while golfing and tried to give him some advice when he tried to hit the ball really hard. "it never works out when you try and kill it" hahahaha!

**** you number 16, it's in the bible, it didn't happen

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The next line they will be waiting on is the line to hell

wow thats what i would have thought too. who talks like that anyway lol. all the time in the world.

Aww, you were just being nice. He is just sensitive or having a bad day I guess. Don't let it stop you from doing nice things like that :). People who say you deserve it are silly, you used a common term that lots of people do.

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at least you had really good intentions. but I agree with.... idk what numbers, but try to choose your words more carefully

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eh, at least you're 1 deed closer to your 100th lol

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I bet they still cut you in line, though.

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old people can be so mean. but most of them are nice and give you their whole bowl of candy on halloween :)

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No good deed goes unpunished.

haha op better word choice next time :D

106: Only after they've injected it with AIDS and razorblades :o

wow... that's the first black redneck I've come across in a lonnnnnggg time.

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18 fail. along with everyone else who bitches at ppl for claiming first. get over it jeez. it's not any cooler to not claim it.

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wow lol I finnaly got it I thought it was about them being slow at first lol buts about living long rofl

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lmao that sucks. maybe it was ur tone lol u have to be unwantedly sweet to old ppl

Agreed.. They must've put so much thought into it.

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thanks I put real effort into that one.

Primus,I love you,for being the original primus. my names Jerry,and I'm a racecar driver :D jk

Make their death "sooner". if you know what I mean.....

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hahaha thanks Jacob. I thought so too ;]

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Old people can be asses sometimes. Kudos to you for trying to be nice.

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haha old people r always fun...n dicks

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haha ydi for wordin it like that. but haha that's pretty funny!!:)

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I could swear I've seen this one before.

yea I know sometimes it seems as if I aldredy saw the fml before...

god Amanda I better find your loving, I better find your heart

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god that is the worst pick up line womp womp

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Awww that's so mean:( sry that he's a douche!!!

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way a dick an u shoul refrase your words