By it's a wonder I'm not illiterate as fuck - 12/04/2013 17:21 - United States - Roselle

Today, my school announced its senior motto for the year. For the second year in a row, it's "YOLO". FML
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thewhitelover3 9

Yolo is dead now it's all about ioco now it's only cool once

Go home and think about what you just did.

"Never was not will be famous"? Double negatives.. So you're saying it will be famous?

Well damn, my life is full of lies! First swaggered now nor..

YOLO? Please. It's Living like Larry.

perdix 29

Shouldn't the second time be YOLT? Still better than "I'm a Belieber!"

What are we gonna do with the kids of America today.... aah YOLO! haha jk

"The School of Douchebaggery wishes it's seniors a farewell, and remember, YOLO!!" OP is not a douche, just whomever chose the motto is.

"You Only Lived Once". Therefore, the universal YOLO would be acceptable to both humans and zombies.

What about felines? They supposably have 9 lives, so is it YOLOOOOOOOOO???

Well, 28 and 30, as a member of the community, we prefer the acronym IYLYF - If You're Living, You're Food. So bring those nice, plump (licks lips), juicy brains over here and let me show you what I mean.

A bit late to jump that bandwagon, isn't it?

DMAC12 5

I'm sorry has any one ever told you that your Gorgeous!!!

feldco1 17

Well hopefully you're a senior so you're out of there! If not, I feel for you.