By Forgotten Birthday Girl - 11/07/2018 20:30

Today, it's my birthday. I am a triplet. In my first class, everyone sang happy birthday to my sister. Her friends got her balloons too. My other sister's friends got her flowers. Everyone forgot I was their sister and all of my own friends forgot that it was my birthday. FML
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mcdlova 11

Happy Belated Birthday OP! :)


mcdlova 11

Happy Belated Birthday OP! :)

Those imaginary friends aren’t real good about bringing tangible gifts. On the plus side, an earlier story today reveals that they **** real good. A happy birthday, indeed!

Haylyn 8

Your comments are always hidden lol. Your not funny.

indienerdgirl 27

I would assume that it's because sisters are mean to each other in a lot of families. It's especially worse when you're the same age or real close in age. They could've just been too caught up in their gifts from their friends as well. Who knows.

Take the hint, people don't like you as much as your sisters

EggyDogger 13

May as well wish you a happy belated birthday

happy happy belated birthday to you. did your sisters also forgot your birthday? thinkingoutloud

Plan ahead for next year: Impersonate your sisters and steal their gifts.

I'm a triplet as well and sadly this is not uncommon. it was the same with my brothers and I when I was in school. happy birthday op.