By Kika - 20/1/2009 07:59 - France
Today, the phone rang. I run to get the call, I trip, fall on a metal chair. Tears in my eyes and out of breath I pick up... "Hi, do you have a minute to answer a few questions? It's for a survey." FML
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By  GMSD213  |  0

#2 STFU its not like this FML included him being a jerk to the surveyor. All he said was that it wasnt worth the effort when all it was was a survey. #2 Go home. Noone likes you.

  22cute  |  17

It's crazy that you cannot see your own role in this. The people who call are not at fault. You are at fault for treating a ringing phone like it's God. Stop your ridiculous behavior (& expectations) and the telemarketers just doing their (difficult) job will not seem so evil. Fool