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By Anon - 30/04/2014 02:07 - United States - Maidens

Today, after getting home from finals and finishing the semester, I had a very heartfelt reunion with my dog during which he licked me all over the face. About an hour later, my dad told me, "By the way, don't let him lick you, he has hookworms." FML
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No need to go to the doctor. I deal with dogs with hookworms every day at work. There is zero percent chance you can get hookworms from a dog licking you. You'd have to step in the feces barefoot or eat it. Either way, they are canine hookworms and aren't zoonotic, meaning people can't get them. In rare cases a human will get infected with a canine hookworm, but they just get trapped under the skin and itch.

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Does your dog have intelligence issues?...

55. I still don't trust that. You know there is always an exemption to the rule

#64, I mean yes, it is always good to go to the doctor, but at least OP can feel confident that there's an extremely good chance that he's not going to be having microscopic worms sucking his blood from the inside. I'm sure there are always exceptions to the rules, but honestly if I haven't gotten them yet, being exposed to dogs with hookworms several days a week at work for the last few years, no one will. Haha.

What a great dad you have there! Sorry OP, go to the doctor and hopefully you can get better.

Maybe the dad didn't see the dog lick OP? Don't always assume things

Are you assuming that he assumed that?

time to go see the doctors. Hope you didn't get hookworm!

Tbh, the minute i read "captain" my mind went to "captain crunch". Thats good stuff

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#22, except that it cuts the roof of the mouth.

#59 No type if cereal has ever cut my mouth.

His dad probably wasn't home at the time

Important to keep up to date with worming your pets, both for their health and your own. And he licks his butt so don't let him lick your face!

I won't even let my cat lick me, or another person as it just feels gross. I've never understood how people can let their dogs lick their faces, sometimes their mouths even after watching the dog trying to eat their own poo!

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Fetch with Ruff Ruffman once had an episode and they showed that dogs had cleaner mouths than humans.

That's such BS. Dogs poop then eat that poop....then throw it up....then eat that.....then poop....then eat it.......

Dogs' saliva supposedly has anti-bacterial properties, I guess their mouths are cleaner than our mouths in some ways but dirtier in others.

Dogs saliva contains very potent antibacterial properties. That's why it is a dog's instinct to lick a wound, because it will help heal the wound. I don't think a hookworm can be contracted that way anyways, they usually are dependent on a specific animal species.

28 is right. Dogs have cleaner mouths.

Actually dogs lick wounds because they are predators that enjoy the taste of blood. I had to stop my dog from licking herself too much because it wasn't helping and would hurt the wound by scraping off the scab.

@44, dogs don't only lick fresh or bloody wounds, my beagle, rest his heart, would be very careful if he licked any wound on me and the antibacterial properties of his saliva actually helped it heal.

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Is it common for dogs to eat their poop? Because my dogs don't....

i know that dogs like cat poop because of the protein in it, but i have never seen a dog poop and then eat it o.O

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#35, most people's assholes are cleaner than the mouths.

#70, I miss my beagle. He was the best.

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the good news is that he loved to see you

Seems like people always tell you not to let the dog lick you after they've already licked you. Like hey don't let her lick you she just got done licking her butt hole while her tongue is already on your face

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Congratulations on finishing your finals, OP, and best of luck with your health :(

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From bookworm to hookworms! Time to get to the doc! At least you weren't sick during finals, now you can be sick all you need.