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By  LetThereBeFMLs  |  10

I see you coupon cutting out coupons, but discount work without the barcodes.

On a more serious note, you might want to check with your son or at least watch him when he cuts the coupons for you. Just in case.

  LetThereBeFMLs  |  10

I don't see the problem, I honestly don't. I thought this one really well through before posting and yet I am still greeted by down rating demons. The first part was a pun( apparently a fail) while the second part was some advice for OP. I hope I do get better at this commenting thing sometime soon.

  screenager5  |  35

I got the pun, it just took me a while to figure it out probably like the people who thumbed you down. If you want to improve your pun skills, you should read some of Pleonasm's comments or other people like that. Pun masters. They get thumbed up more often than not!