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  Fatalally  |  4

Wow what a doughebag ( probably spelled that wrong ) for trying to slip you that. You should do the samething to him, except when he wakes up he's got tons of writing on his face, arms, and legs lol. And draw fake eyes on his eyelids rofl.


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  mustafa_fml  |  0

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  SamSJester  |  0


I don't think they were "Rupies" either. You know how you check, just to make sure. Smash a couple pots and cut some grass, and see if someone will trade you a shield for them. If they do, then they might be rupies.

  MonkeySpeaks  |  4

You aren't married are you. MarriAge does not guarantee nookie. In fact many couples see a decrease in their sex life.

anyway he probably wasn't gettinglaid often at all. But tha is no excuse. It is also grounds for divorce. At the very least you both need counseling to find out why hr was so desperate he felt the need to drug you

  marc33  |  0

birth control pills won't work for one nite thing... he must be soo desperate to have sex... so he put some pills that make u horny.... got it???!

By  swagga0n1oo  |  0

"What do wives dream of, when they take a little wifey they dream of making sandwichs or a tasty cheese and broccoli don't you worry your tired wifey little head, your husband will take you home and put you in bed...but then he will take and rape you right there, and you'll never know what happen till you wake up and just stare...drugs oh drugs druggy drug drug...and if you get murdered by a crystal meth tweeker...well then were shit outta luck!"

  srunano  |  4

Exactly what I was thinking, maybe the bartender wanted to score and told her that to see if it would work....roofies my ass the bartender was just horny imo