By MetalAtlas - United States
Today, I had to sell my only means of transportation, my 92 Chrysler Lebaron to a junking company because the transmission blew. When the guy finally got there, I had to shovel out the 5 feet of snow around my car, help him push it, and help him hook it up. Then his dog bit me. I only got $100. FML
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  srunano  |  4

Yeah sometimes its cheaper to replace a tranny, but seeing how he only got one billl thats the usual labor fee for something like that. So in this case just sue for the dog bite and go buy a new car

  KiwiBlam  |  4

Is that normal in America to call the transmission "tranny"? Coz where I come from, a tranny is a cross dresser. Which makes #1s comment about a blown tranny somewhat hilarious...

  rohosoccer08  |  1

my husband is about to buy his 3rd transmission for his truck because the ones he's had before weren't strong enough to handle the power of his turbo... it gets really annoying buying a transmission twice a year!!! but hopefully the 80 will be better than the 60 he's had in it every other time

  LtBrenton  |  16

Or, you know, a clutch and manual shifter... Those are only limited by the amount of torque the shafts will take before they snap (which is more than any turbo could deliver)

  mezsed  |  0

...oh no here comes the people that sue about everything...

how about you sue chrysler now that youre at it?
and also the towing guy, ge should have his own help dont you think? sue him!

  khung835  |  6

Here you go sir xD

I sued Taco Bell
'Cause I ate half-a-million Chalupas and I got fat
I sued Panasonic
They never said I shouldn't use their microwave to dry off my cat, huh

I sued Earthlink
'Cause I called 'em up and they had the nerve to put me on hold
I sued Starbucks
'Cause I spilled a frappucino in my lap and brr, it was cold

I sued Toys 'R Us
Cause I swallowed a Nerf ball and nearly choked to death, huh
I sued PetCo
'Cause I ate a bag of kitty litter and now I got bad breath

I sued Coca-Cola, yo
'Cause I put my finger down in a bottle and it got stuck
I sued Delta Airlines
'Cause they sold me a ticket to New Jersey - I went there, and it sucked

If you stand me up on a date
If you deliver my pizza thirty seconds late

I'm gonna sue, sue, yes, I'm gonna sue
Sue, sue, yeah, that's what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna sue, sue, yes, I'm gonna sue
Sue, sue, yeah, I might even sue you

I sued Duracell
They never told me not to shove that double-A right up my nose
I sued Home Depot
'Cause they sold me a hammer which they knew I might drop on my toes

I sued Dell Compueters
'Cause I took a bath with my laptop, now it doesn't work
I sued Fruit Of The Loom
'Cause when I wear my tighty-whities on my head I look like a jerk

I sued Verizon
'Cause I get all depressed every time my cell phone is roaming
I sued Colorado
'Cause you know, I think it looks a little bit too much like Wyoming

I sued Neiman Marcus
'Cause they put up their Christmas decorations way out of season
I sued Ben Affleck
Aww, do I even need a reason?

If I sprain my ankle while I'm robbin' your place
If I hurt my knuckles while I punch you in the face

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Sue, sue, that's right, I'm gonna sue you
Ughh, ughh, ughh

I'll sue ya, I'll take all your money
I'll sue ya if you even look at me funny
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I'll sue ya


def. sue.. or call his insurance company. I was bit by my neighbors dog almost a year ago now.. and let me tell you, not fun AT all... I had three puncture wounds n still have scars... sooo for my pain they gave me a nice check for $7,000 without even having to go to court.
then again it was my neighbor.. he's going to be my neighbor for years to come, don't want it to be on bad terms.

  mezsed  |  0

you people are still pathetic and sue about any little thing, how about you people that sue for stupid things actually earn some decent money and not by the normal in the U.S which would be to sue for anything.
while a dog owner should take are of his dog he cant be keeping an eye on it 24/7 especially not after doing some sort of physical work. hate all you want, that is just my personal opinion, based on what i lived back in Oregon/Washington/California.

  kolk777  |  10

Mezsed, it's just the American way to sue about any little thing to get some sort of settlement even if it's for something that makes no sense or may have been the sue-ers own fault. As shown to us entertainingly by Weird Al Yankovic.

By  frenchiek8  |  1

Maybe he's trying tp be polite and help the guy out, if there was a bunch of snow around the car it would have taken the poor guy hours to dig out and move the vehicle.

  ibrett93  |  0

1. You'll never get your money's worth at a junkyard, that's how they make so much money, they'll buy it from you for 100 and sell it to a company who uses scrap metal for around 800. it's a dirty but great business, plus the government can't tax you on your scrap metal.
2. Man the hell up.

By  metrockick10  |  0

Only in the US is the first response to everything, sue. Oh well.
I suggest investing in a nice bicycle or a pair of roller blades. No transmission to worry about. But seriously, it sucks that those were your only wheels. I hope you live near a bus route or will have access to a new car sometime soon. Good luck.

  whatashitday  |  0

Sadly it's becoming more and more like this in Australia, soon the days of carefree 4wding and general hooning on the beaches will be gone thanks to this mentality, 'oh, I fell off my motorbike while riding in some dunes, I know I'll sue the council because they didn't warn me sand dunes were dangerous'.

By  seascorpion  |  0

You could've threatened to get his dog put down if he didn't pay you more. Lol. I bet that'd be effective.
Jk. That sucks, I don't think I'll get another year out of my car, either. Not looking forward to having to deal with that.

By  Seventytimeseven  |  0

$100 is pretty standard unless you actually look around for people to buy it. A junking company will screw you over, turn around and make bank off of your stuff. What you ought to have done/ do in the future is find a small company that does repairs on old cars or a guy who likes to work on cars or something. I got my 1996 Mitsubishi Galant for $2100 blew the transmission 2 years and a zillion miles later when it wasn't really worth anything with a fully functional transmission and got $300 from some strange old man for it when the first 10 or so places offered only $100. If you take the first offer without thought you kinda deserve to get screwed over. You don't deserve to be biten by a dog most likely though....that sucks.