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Today, I'm horribly out of shape. My arms are sore, almost like I'd been doing heavy lifting yesterday. Nope. It just was from squeezing cupcake icing out of a tube. FML
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RyoKioKio tells us more.

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First off, you guys have genuinely made me laugh, even the less than kind comments have been hilarious. To clarify: the tube of icing in question was snagged from a discount bin because the decorating tip was broken, and an improvised opening with a knife was required. I didn't gouge a hole in it because I was spelling something out and I didn't feel like getting icing everywhere. In regards to my weight, I'm honestly not that athletic, I am a bit on the plush side, and yes, I do need to work out more (I go on daily walks around the neighborhood with my dog as a start). Baby steps, right?

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Baby steps are good. :) I'm skinny but flabby and out of shape, and walking my dog is the best exercise I can make myself do. I'd probably wear myself out doing the same. Keep up the good work!

Lucky! My daily exercises only include banana peeling and taking the cap off soda drinks.


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Irony: slapping a kid in the face with no tears shampoo What op said: another way of saying he needs to go to the gym.

I heard there's a two for one deal going on. Perhaps #1 could give you their extra copy of the dictionary so that you could learn what irony is as well.

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Those things are tough though .-.

Once you get the flow going, it isn't tough at all..

Crap, sorry about the thumb down #16. It was an accident. OP, it is so much less stressful to eat that icing that comes in the plastic containers. Then you can just scoop it out with a spoon, and it's less taxing on the arms.

My exercise is reaching high enough to reach the cookies on top of the fridge (I'm a VERY short girl)

That's great. She also can start lifting jugs of milk or OJ. Believe it, it does help. A lot.

Lucky! My daily exercises only include banana peeling and taking the cap off soda drinks.

Well, them bananas are tricksy little fruitses.

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Sounds like you need to start working out and getting in shape.

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That's a good start! Use this realization to start workouts OP!

You're working muscles that you didn't even know you had!

Yeah stuffing their pie hole lol Or should I say icing their cake hole?

Well OP realization is always a start. Go to the gym but don't work yourself to hard.

what would be the point of the gym then if she's not going to work hard?

I meant to hard as in people go nuts thinking their to fat, OP shouldn't be making her muscles sore then working them more.

That sucks OP. Time to start exercising start by just walking around your neighborhood or around your block

All you need is some motivation and I'm sure you'll get through the tough time of squeezing cup cake icing. Good luck OP