By Anonymous - United States
Today, a drunk driver drove his car through my mailbox. He got pissed, started yelling, and threatened to sue me for "putting the mailbox in the middle of the road". If my front lawn is a road, I'm going to have some serious issues. FML
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  jjessen  |  20

No, it means that it gives other people from around the world to use the stereotype that all Americans are drinking dumbasses and will sue for no reason other than to sue

  Epikouros  |  31

I was born in the Netherlands, in a house at a bend in the road that ran on a river dyke. Every other year or so some drunk driver ended up in our front yard. None of them threatened to sue us, though.

  Dracoboxer357  |  35

4- You'te right, there isn't. Just pop him one in the face and go back to watching MASH reruns or whatever. You'll feel better and he probably won't remember shit anyways. ;P
Orrrrrr, call the cops, I'm sure it'll seem obvious when they arrive. ;)

By  Grand_Cookie  |  21

Drunk idiots are everywhere, but why is suing people always what people go to here? Why didn't you tell me my coffee that I'd sue you if it was cold was hot?! McDonald's made me fat! No bitch, 5,000 carb laced calories a day did that.

  CodeXana  |  9

#7 the thing with the McDonalds coffee was that it had been steam heated to twice (or 3x) the normal temp, given to a very elderly woman with arthritis, then when she dropped it, she got 3rd degree burns on her genitals and surrounding area.

  Paris25_fml  |  11

That particular McDonalds had been warned more than once to lower their coffee temperature as well. The warning signs on coffee nowadays are to cover for any future issues with dimwitted employees.


They should have a badge for using "dumb ass" in at least 50 comments. I won't be offended (nor surprised) if you call me one; I left it wide open. Or you might surprise us all.