By murrrrf - United States - Saint Louis
Today, as I was on the couch taking a nap, it started violently shaking. I panicked and chased my family outside, convinced it was an earthquake. It was just the cat trapped inside the couch. FML
murrrrf tells us more :
OP Captain is pushing 25 lbs. he's a big cat. And is very violent when he's scared. Also he likes to hide in odd places. So the recling couch is his favorite fort. The rest of you, I'm Not explaining shit. I
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  MortenM  |  17

How big a cat does OP have to make a couch with an adult sleeping on it shake violently enough to simulate a big earthquake? Seems a bit WTF to me - unless it's a tiger

  gracehi  |  31

If it's a recliner, there's a lot of empty space underneath the couch to make room for the reclining mechanism. Cats can squeeze into very tight spaces, and they sometimes climb up in there. If you have a cat and a recliner it's important not to recline your couch too quickly, so the cat can have time to get out before he gets caught in the mechanism. I had a kitten that that happened to once. She was okay, but her scream was horrifying.

  chinaski7628  |  32

I had a cat that tore holes in the bottom of my sofa and bed and would burrow inside them. She was an odd little kitty. Luckily all of my furniture is second-hand and pretty shabby anyway, so I never cared.

  Isandri  |  29

oh c'mon, cats wander to some cozy (or just seemingly cozy) places all the time!
and besides, you cannot possibly keep an eye on everything constantly.
It must have been hilarious moment for your family OP!

  chinaski7628  |  32

Maybe it's because I've lived in Southern California most of my life, and I've been through many major and minor earthquakes, but earthquakes don't feel (or sound) like shaking furniture. That's why OP's reaction is so funny to me. Most Californians wouldn't even bother to get off the sofa.