By save the koalas? uhh - 08/04/2013 14:08 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, our guest lecturer told us to imagine 25,000 dead koalas in our lecture theatre, and if that didn't make us emotional then we didn't care about them. She then went on a rant, during which she encouraged us to join the "koala army". FML
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HowAreYouToday 34

She's clearly a very balanced individual, perfectly suited for motivational speaking..


HowAreYouToday 34

OP isn't koala-fied enough to join the army

Be koala you can be or a koala of one

at least you don't have to worry about guns.. just animals that could possibley tear your face off..

tjv3 10

Are you sure they were really the guest and not someone playing a prank

possibly* and ok well obliously i don't believe in equal rights

enormouselephant 15

She's clearly a very balanced individual, perfectly suited for motivational speaking..

She's on the grass, that's for sure...

She sounds absolutely menthol-eucalyptus!

Or perfectly suited to wear a straight jacket, and reside in a padded cell.

KingCeltic77 18

She's not crazy, she's mentally guilty.

KingCeltic77 18

*goofy auto correct has been killing me lately

What kind of a lecture is that? I wanna cry at the thought of it.

You are fit for the koala army. Here's your badge.

Koala's are so adorable! Why would anyone want to imagine thousands of them dead?

perdix 29

The uniforms are sooooooooo cute, but you get paid in eucalyptus leaves. So, no, thank you.

I don't op had the necessary koalafications for the job anyway.

#Koala2012 Just wait til she's has a naked meltdown on a San Diego Street corner, tarnishing the name of her group.

Sheeeeees jackinit jackinit jackedy jack, smackedy smackedy smackedy smack...

Excuse me I butchered that 2nd part "spankin it jackin it spankedysmack" I apologize

Is this just a trick to make you sign up for the North Korean army?

I don't know. Imagining 25,000 dead North Koreans doesn't affect me that much. Anyway, was this like a PETA meeting or something?

There are ass professors? Where do I sign up?

There's proctology professors? In college? Never heard of a class for it.

not the professor. it was a guest speaker

Koala story, bro. Who exactly is this army supposed to be fighting, by the way?

Sloths. There is only room for one awesome tree climbing animal. However the war has been going slow, D-day started a year ago, but the sloth invasion has just barely launched from the beaches and going to Australia.