By benoit - France
Today, I walked into work, a day after losing my shit with our systems admin, due to her taking ages to enable my new email account. I was soon bitched out, warned, and suspended over several lewd emails having been sent overnight from my account to various female co-workers. FML
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  ry24  |  12

Actually #1 is right, it's a stupid idea to bitch at someone that you know can make your life miserable, ESPECIALLY when it can jeopardize your current job

  etoilenuit  |  15

You dont want to fight.. But you also don't want to work for someone who will lie and suspend you for something you didn't do. I would look for work elsewhere.. But again, easier said then done.

  Vashen  |  5

In the company I work for I can access everyone's email, plus more. Unless I reset the users password and log on as them it'll be hard to find out. In saying that, everything is logged from changing passwords to entering someone's mailbox.

  tjv3  |  10

This is why you DO NOT mess with IT . We have our ways of getting our revenge. Plus why would you lose your shit because it's taking a while to get your email account created? That's really bad form man. The average user (that would be you OP) doesn't realize that IT is normally the busiest dept and that your request isn't the only thing they have to do

  Vashen  |  5

105 - it really depends how large the company is. Where I am, access is separated. Some people have Domain Admin. Some people have custom. But there's a governing dept in HR who can see all logs :-)

  cristy91  |  33

Complaining about a mistake and being a bitch to your server because of a mistake are two totally different things. Complaining =/= disaster so long as you're polite

  license2chill  |  5

19, it's frustrating when you can't do your job because someone else screws up, while the boss shoving deadlines one after another in your face.
And i agree with you, lashing out at someone because of that is definitely not the way to go, escalate the issue to your and her supervisors, let them deal with it.
OP should also get to the bottom of this, tempering other people's email account is a serious offense.

  tjv3  |  10

IP addresses are easy to forge not to mention he who controls the system and the logs can make them do and say what they want them too

By  DanielleinDC  |  32

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By  perdix  |  29

You've not been trained sufficiently to live in abject fear of the IT thugs.

If they can't nail your ass to the wall with the things you actually do with your company's computer systems, they can always generate such a death warrant on you. "Oh, shall I tell our boss of the copious amounts of kiddie porn you've downloaded on company time?"

Your tools to deal with IT are limited to: begging, groveling, flattery and bribery.

  Anarchia  |  6

Speaking as a systems administrator, this. And those options are in order from least to most effective.

That said, I'd probably have just set your password expiration policy to "every fifteen minutes", or something.

By  syki  |  22

That's what you get for not remembering that IT stands for Irritable Temper. Unprofessional of her, though. Not that bitching her out was particularly professional of you.