By benoit - 15/03/2013 12:35 - France

Today, I walked into work, a day after losing my shit with our systems admin, due to her taking ages to enable my new email account. I was soon bitched out, warned, and suspended over several lewd emails having been sent overnight from my account to various female co-workers. FML
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BeMyLove15 10

Pick and choose your battles. There's some people you just have to be nice to, especially at a job you're trying to keep.

Just like with food, you don't mess with people who handle important things.


BeMyLove15 10

Pick and choose your battles. There's some people you just have to be nice to, especially at a job you're trying to keep.

You don't necessarily need to not fight... There just happens to be a right way and a wrong way of doing it and unfortunately he did it the wrong way.

Actually #1 is right, it's a stupid idea to bitch at someone that you know can make your life miserable, ESPECIALLY when it can jeopardize your current job

You never fight your network admin.. They can do so much to **** you side ways..

What I'm proposing is do something in the shadows, the best fight is when you don't know your being fought

etoilenuit 15

You dont want to fight.. But you also don't want to work for someone who will lie and suspend you for something you didn't do. I would look for work elsewhere.. But again, easier said then done.

RedPillSucks 31

I don't think he can prove he didn't do it. As far as management/HR sees, the messages came from his email account.

83 - What ever happened to equality of the sexes? Either both genders are fair game, or neither are.

In the company I work for I can access everyone's email, plus more. Unless I reset the users password and log on as them it'll be hard to find out. In saying that, everything is logged from changing passwords to entering someone's mailbox.

I would think you would be able to hide a keylogger.. and certainly you can alter records..

tjv3 10

This is why you DO NOT mess with IT . We have our ways of getting our revenge. Plus why would you lose your shit because it's taking a while to get your email account created? That's really bad form man. The average user (that would be you OP) doesn't realize that IT is normally the busiest dept and that your request isn't the only thing they have to do

Yes but who has access to those logs and records??? Your local "friendly" sys admin...

103- What joke? That was funny? Don't bother trying to cover your ass, especially with that lame excuse.

Wow, I can see you're still a prick

105 - it really depends how large the company is. Where I am, access is separated. Some people have Domain Admin. Some people have custom. But there's a governing dept in HR who can see all logs :-)

103: Sexism isn't funny.

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Feebyy 10

Yes, if his co-worker is named Karma.

Elovena 9

It's not real also. Unless the world works off coincidences. Then in that case karma sucks.

Just like with food, you don't mess with people who handle important things.

That movie "Waiting" taught me that. I will only say something if I got the WRONG food. Other than that. You never complain.

Uhh i will complain if its undercooked or overcooked or isn't exactly what i asked because I'm not going to pay for shit work.

If you do that #78, you'll be paying for someones shitwork on a plate.

Oh dear, I hate to think how many spittle sodas and phlegmy pies you've eaten in your time. Not saying it's right, but it happens. Ick.

Complaining about a mistake and being a bitch to your server because of a mistake are two totally different things. Complaining =/= disaster so long as you're polite

78- We got are first biatch of the day...

waddlezizmyname 3

Check the IP address from which they were sent? Then explain yourself. It seems like it should be worked out since it is a professional setting...

crazytwinsmom 25

He should have been professional instead of losing his shit.

19, it's frustrating when you can't do your job because someone else screws up, while the boss shoving deadlines one after another in your face. And i agree with you, lashing out at someone because of that is definitely not the way to go, escalate the issue to your and her supervisors, let them deal with it. OP should also get to the bottom of this, tempering other people's email account is a serious offense.

A good IT person can easily modify the origin IP. Your advice relies on them being inexperienced or sloppy.

crazytwinsmom 25

48, I agree with the frustration and have been on both sides of it. Sometimes it's out of your control and you're waiting on yet another person or department.

tjv3 10

IP addresses are easy to forge not to mention he who controls the system and the logs can make them do and say what they want them too

braydin72 6

A smart it person just logs in from your workstation to do it.

revenge if the nerd(s)!

If the nerd(s) do what exactly ?

She could have sent way worse stuff that would get you fired, consider yourself lucky you didn't lose your job

Whoever sent those emails will get fired. File a complaint to the management and request an investigation, it's not hard to track through the email server logs

How many times does it need to be said.. the damn admin has access to logs, he can alter them!

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What a stunning epiphany!

perdix 29

You've not been trained sufficiently to live in abject fear of the IT thugs. If they can't nail your ass to the wall with the things you actually do with your company's computer systems, they can always generate such a death warrant on you. "Oh, shall I tell our boss of the copious amounts of kiddie **** you've downloaded on company time?" Your tools to deal with IT are limited to: begging, groveling, flattery and bribery.

Being a IT person this is 100% correct!!!!!

TheCutestLizard 28

Don't you mean *an* IT person?

perdix 29

#41, Shhhhhhhh! We don't correct A IT person's grammar. Hey, why do you have the blueprints of the North Korean missiles on your PC? Oops!

crazytwinsmom 25

Chocolate is always appreciated.

Speaking as a systems administrator, this. And those options are in order from least to most effective. That said, I'd probably have just set your password expiration policy to "every fifteen minutes", or something.

That's what you get for not remembering that IT stands for Irritable Temper. Unprofessional of her, though. Not that bitching her out was particularly professional of you.

I think OP just learned to be nice to the geeks. They really run the world, all others just have delusions of grandeur.