By Can'tAgeOrMakeFriends - 12/01/2013 01:11 - United States

Today, I was yet again asked to show my hall pass. I'm 23 and work at a middle school. I've worked here for the last five months, so not only do I look 13 years old, I'm also not memorable enough for my own coworkers to recognize me. FML
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I'm sure you'll be glad that you look young for your age when you get older.

perdix 29

With your looks, you can go online and meet lots of guys in their mid 30's. Work it, girl!


I'm sure you'll be glad that you look young for your age when you get older.

oj101 33

She won't have to spend much money on plastic surgery when she's older. That is definitely a plus for sure.

Yeah, could be worse. You could look 23 at age 13. Don't complain.

nobody has to spend money on plastic surgery unless it's life saving, reconstructive surgery or just to help you feel normal again after a traumatic accident. Recreational plastic surgery just to do it is stupid. I don't get why people have such a hard time embracing who they are sometimes. I feel like they just need a hug and to be told they are beautiful :(

ilovemarkhoppus 14

Nobody likes you when you're 23.

#50 Most of them are superficial people.

#61 I got your reference. lol

oj101 33

I understand #50. However plastic surgery is a legitimate option for those who wish to look and feel more attractive, which translates into a more attractive and confident personality. People know if they are attractive or not- and sometimes they want to take control of the situation.

I agree with 70. I think if you have just one butchered feature that you do not feel comfortable with or are mocked frequently for it, surgery is a legitimate option. For example, severely disproportional breast sizes, a nose like Toucan Sam, etc....

61- Blink 182 reference XD

I agree. I'm 22 and I still look young enough to pass as a teenager.

#64, No actually most are people with low self-esteem.

I get carded all the time for renting /buying 'R' rated movies and I'll be 24 in two weeks. It's annoying as hell, and I can also say it gets old when people say I'll be thankful when I'm older. When I'm older, I'll hopefully already have a family and wont need to worry about looks, but few people want to date a grown man that looks 15.

At least you'll age slower right?

They could just be ******* with you

Maybe OP won't age at all, maybe she is a time lord??

In 20 years you will probably be glad you look so young :)

She can date Edward for twice as long as that Bella girl! It'd be like the old sparkly fairytale love story but double the fun...

Maybe some makeup & consider redoing your wardrobe???

smitherz22 1

And you're dyslexic too

perdix 29

With your looks, you can go online and meet lots of guys in their mid 30's. Work it, girl!

Dblocker 18

You don't need to look young to meet guys online or even be a girl for that matter.

perdix 29

#9, hell, you don't even need to be a human being or a even a living organism; you could be a computer program that passes the Turing Test!

Dblocker 18

Sad but very true.

Op can go online for dating or start a new career with Chris Hansen on "To Catch a Predator," a job in which op will be valued and not forgotten by her coworkers. In all seriousness op there's nothing wrong with looking young and trust me you will enjoy your youthful looks when you're pushing 40.

#14: You don't even need to make it that complicated. You're overestimating the intelligence of people on the interwebz.

Think of it, you'll look so young when everyone else is old!

Everyone will be old, some may just LOOK younger :P

kotana191 8

is that a compliment or an insult? you look young, but childish?

Take it as a complimentary.

Compliment. Complimentary is a math term or free.

Gee, thanks. I know what it means, it's just my autocorrect ******* me. God damned Nazis.

Please oh please explain how autocorrect magically added "ary" to the end of your word. You made a mistake, so just own it and ******* learn from it.

Thank you! Besides, there's a little button you can press to turn autocorrect off, and honestly it would save mankind a shitload of time.

Pretty sure men aren't the only people that read the comments... And you knew what I meant, so shut it, sweety. I'm done with you.

The fact that you believe "mankind" only applies to men further proves their point. Try not to sound so condescending when attempting to justify your mistakes.

In defense of sunkissedluster, I too have had my phone edit words to be plural or verb/adjective/whatever-itized. However, I do not condone her over-defensiveness.

A complimentary is better than a compliment anyways. :)

45 - There IS no defence of Sunkissedluster.

Actually, the math term is spelled differently: "complementary."

36, I agree with doc, you made a mistake now own up to it. Do u really think mankind only refers to men?

Lol at hormonal 17 year olds. Also please tell me you don't actually think the term "mankind" specifies only men...or I will lose all faith in humanity

I like turtles

Haha i like this chick shes feisty, i agree **** autocorrect turn that shit off broe :)

Oh you're right. That's my mistake.

You should start asking them for their hall passes.

Best approach by far.