It's not what you think!

By Anonymous - 11/12/2012 07:20 - United States - Valencia

Today, my boyfriend was dropping me off home and we were still in the car. When I went in to give him a hug, my hand hit his shoulder and I dropped my phone at his feet. Just as I pulled back up with it, my dad was staring at us from outside. He still appears to think I was giving him head. FML
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Well dang how long did you stay down there "picking up your phone"? Your dad was young once, he is one step a head of you.

"But dad! I dropped my phone in his pants, I swear!"


If you only leaned down one time it should be kinda obvious that wasn't the case.

Isn't it kinda creepy the dad was just staring at them from a distance?

boxbrandon11 20

Sucks to suck ;)

boxbrandon11 20

Sucks to suck ;)

17- yea, the dad was probably like "dafuq did I just witness."

guckylynn 19

Not to mention leaning down to pick something up should look differently than if OP's face was directly in the boyfriends crotch.

Now that's why your man should've leaned down a got it for you, or just stepped out of the car and got it for you. With gentlemen, things like this don't happen often.

Well dang how long did you stay down there "picking up your phone"? Your dad was young once, he is one step a head of you.

Pun intended :L? I bet came to OP's dad as quite a surprise ;)

Yeah he must have been blown away by seeing that.

I bet the thought must have been hard for your dad to swallow.

"But dad! I dropped my phone in his pants, I swear!"

"And I had to grab it with my mouth because I just had my nails done and didn't want to ruin them"

That blows. *runs from angry FMLers with shotguns*

Hmm #4 you put yourself in a sticky situation.

4 It isn't the ones with shotguns to worry about.. It's the snipers and stranglers to worry about.. There may just be one in this thread.. >:}

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

What an adorable puppy! *gets shot admiring the puppy*

Hmmm so we meet again little puppy....this is a good old fashioned Mexican stand off.

metalguy95 11

BANG * blows end of barrel*

Is this a war of the FMLers?! >:) *Breaks out chainsaw*

Well well icastilo.. *prepares to draw*

A standoff? *Plays overly zealous trumpet music from The Legend Of Zorro*

Yes lilhellian it's all ends here *also prepares to draw*

*Hears the clock tower bell and fires striking your neck*

*chases behind on a flame tank*

Both these comments just made my day!! Lol

Yay flame tank!!

TallMist 32

Somehow, that put the image of a tank from Left 4 Dead on fire with a gun chasing the survivors.

obviousboy 8

You should have trolled him and wiped your mouth afterwards.

Her trolling would probably cause her to get grounded! If OP isn't too old for that..

RedPillSucks 31

And those stains on your blouse was just mayonnaise from the sandwich you ate earlier.

I bet you were just finishing off your "milkshake" too, huh? We all know what that 'milk' mustache is, OP.

AverageIsh 2

Better than a white crown I suppose

Your boyfriend should have picked it up for you... that's what gentlemen do.

Wouldn't that be masturbation?

zingline89 18

So that's what phone sex is like.

klovemachine 24

Lol :D

Picking up good vibrations.

That's gotta be one awkward talk!!