By StaceZN
Today, on site, my client was certain she had switched off her electric fence prior to me conducting an inspection of her boundary retaining wall. I overbalanced on my ladder and grabbed at the fence wires for support. The electricity was not switched off. FML
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  awildwhisper  |  30

People make mistakes, especially if OP is ok then there's no reason to sue. Electric fences aren't build to kill, just dissuade animals and people from touching them again.

  viipeterson98  |  14

@ #15
So if a bank makes a mistake and loses your money, it's just a mistake? Or, in this case, someone doesn't check their electric fence when someone is on a ladder and could've been seriously injured? Regardless of it being a mistake, she's still at fault over not checking the fence.

  manofmerr  |  27

Why the thumb down? Where i live, werewolves are a persistant problem, and with the price of silver going up, i can't afford use my gatling gun, or even my shotgun. So instead i use a electric fence to ensure no werewolves get to me. I actually think op is a werewolf, and was actually testing the fence to see how strong it is, and modifying it so he can turn it off later. This fml is just part of his cover story.

  GhostFox  |  33

Aaaand how was OP supposed to check, since it sounds like the breaker/switch was somewhere the client didn't want OP to go? Touch it and get shocked an additional time?