By Anonymous - 04/05/2018 19:00

Today, I managed to electrocute myself on a plug socket while I was showing a group of trainee electricians how not to electrocute themselves while rewiring a plug socket. FML
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Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20

Literally the first thing you learn when learning anything about electronics...

You’re training electricians, yet you’re unsure of the proper use of the term ‘electrocute’...? Electrocution, by definition, results in death. Electrical shock resulting in death. You weren’t electrocuted if you’re alive to share your experience on FML. You were simply shocked.

Not only that, but it has to specifically be an execution to count. The word is an amalgam of electric and execute for a reason.

mmurphy0127 16

e·lec·tro·cute əˈlektrəˌkyo͞ot/Submit verb injure or kill someone by electric shock. "a man was electrocuted when he switched on the Christmas tree lights"

Well at least you showed them what not to do?

Maybe time to reconsider your career?

Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20

Why? Getting an electric shock is a quite serious threat to ppl working in that area. That's why you should never under no circumstances re-wire something before turning it off and preventing any currency from flowing

Ohm, I find this rather reVolting. Watt were you thinking? I'm sure you were all Amped up getting to be the teacher but you Shunt have made that mistake.

Call Alanis Morrisette! She needs to work that into “Ironic,” and take out some of the lines that are not.

Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20

You, sir, should rethink your career choice. Also heads up for the future: You can switch it off before re-wiring it...

I imagine learning from the mistakes of others is quite important for trainee electricians.