By Anon - 10/06/2012 04:19 - United States

Today, neither of my parents fought for my custody. FML
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vaughant 5

That's terrible OP I'm sorry

AngelicTide 11

Sorry OP. it's their lose not yours! Count it as a blessing that you're not stuck with two people not worthy of being your parent.


RacistPancake 6


But you won first at looking like an idiot. Congrats!

Well done!!!!! Your prize is to be buried in negative thumbs.

FMLshark 12

With an additional prize of being modded and successfully wasting five seconds of your time so your comment no longer exists, anyway.

Please, Mods! Let him be torn to shreds by the FML community! Leave his moronic comment up as a warning call to all other complete idiots not to post.

Somebody's gonna have to get a new account name after this one.

I wonder what 1 said....

Probably something along the lines of "F1r5t!!!11!!!1!1"

vaughant 5

That's terrible OP I'm sorry

notjustanybody20 9

i agree. seperation of parents is enough of misery for the child already! their callousness has only made it worse for the poor kid! i feel bad for you, op! people like that should not be allowed to reproduce!

To old pedo bare no want :3

I'm struggling to understand why people are saying they can deserve this. yes op MIGHT have been a handful but you don't know, his parents might have been dicks!

90 - I'd say we don't know enough to say YDI or FYL. How do we know OP doesn't regularly get in fights, steal, get arrested, etc? There's only so much BS a rational person could put up with. I had a student last year (a seventh grader) who had already accumulated over a year in juvie for several assaults on his mother. He broke her arm twice. I know it isn't likely, but we've certainly seen worse on FML.

90- honestly I don't understand it either. My sisters and I were taken away by child protective services when I was 12. My father tried signing away custody, my mother got us back but didn't leave him. When I turned 14 he kicked me out of the house and disowned me as a daughter and my mother did nothing. I never partied, did drugs, I never caused trouble in school-but he still did it. Today, he tries his hardest to contact me and I'll have nothing to do with him. Sometimes there seems to be no reason :( OP, it's up to you to forgive them. But nobody will blame you if you totally remove them from Your life I'm very sorry they did that. You deserve so much better. Stay strong! It's not your fault.

LonelyIslander1 5

96- I have a volcano and will use it to cover the fire and make the water into steam. OP is mine!

Lol love how everyone is being dicks to the parents. Maybe they're not fighting because they assume OP will want to choose?? OP is old enough to be getting on FML so s/he probably isn't like 5 and too young to be given that decision. Sorry, but I would have loved to choose where I got to live, not everyone's parents RESPECT them enough to let them make that choice. Maybe you think it sucks OP, but it ruins the family more when they fight about what (or who) goes where.

grace12898 0

155, I'm guessing that is not the case with OP because he wouldn't be upset over that

166, people get upset over things a lot smaller than that. And my point is that it may be a miscommunication, they aren't fighting for OP, because it's OPs choice. It's not like they were fighting to NOT get custody (Or if they were OP didn't say so).

of course its never the kids fault? sometimes parents do everything for their child. A good upbringing and such, but the kid could me lousy! so its not the parents fault, we don't know both sides, but there has to be a HUGE reason why BOTH parents didn't want OP just saying. :D I love freedom of speech, thought i'd throw that in.

Don't feel bad; it's nothing personal, just business. A child costs a lot of money to raise, so it was in their best business interest to give you to the other one. Unless they get a decent amount of child support from the other; in that case they'd be fighting tooth and nail for you.

Well I have a bomb. Bomb beats all op is mine now.

AngelicTide 11

Sorry OP. it's their lose not yours! Count it as a blessing that you're not stuck with two people not worthy of being your parent.

9- WHY!!!?? Do you feel better now. Gosh as long as you know what their saying IT'S FINE.

abouttosleep 5

What was 'their' saying?! Is there a saying that they usually say?


22- win

Redoxx_fml 22

Can't wheel just get along?

gracevet88 0


Yeah cause its just dumb to correct peoples stupid mistakes why cant their be people who dont judge on grammar Probably because it is literally painful to read that. Anybody who disagrees is lying. That is why we must stop the menace that is idiocy in the grammatical field!

You know what I mean.

Ninjasaurus18 9

Everybody, #14 is an idiot, go needs to learn English before they can speak to us!!! It's 'they're', as in the contraction for 'they are'. That could be a mistake to ruin you a chance at a job or college. Same with THEIR'S. Meaning #3.

syley 5

Oh the amount of irony in these corrections is nauseating, by the way 190 it would "needs to go learn" not "go needs to learn." (reread and send)

The bottom line is no ones grammar is perfect :) accept that and move on.

Mine grammar is impeccably perfection, though.

221- you're joking right? You mean *perfect* not *perfection* see your grammar is not impeccable either :P

areyouserial 5

223, you're right. He was joking. But while we are on this, you forgot to correct "mine".

Atleast you dont have to live with those git parents of yours :)

Ever consider that OP actually loves these 'gits'?

Psychology_13 8

You bastard!

Psychology_13 8

You bastard!

Im sorry, I was only joking, but I suppose It was rude, Sorry to everyone who took offence from my comment.

Do you have an aunt of uncle you can live with? Maybe even friends? You'll find someone to take care of you.

If not, I'm currently looking for more slav- uh "employees." Job is 24/7/365 and includes an opportunity to massage my blistered feet.

If feel so bad for you OP! I know for sure that they regret it later on in life. I bet you are a wonderful person and you deserve better :)!

Th FML is a fake. It's a joke from something called Bad Luck Brian.

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Your a dick, and even if he's a terrible child, when you bring one into the world, your to take care of them no matter what!

I wish there was an "infinite thumbs down" button that I could use on you, you stupid bastard.

Haaaaaahahahahahahahha instant thumbs up for this !!!!!

That's just I feel, who knows what OP did to get it to that point? Parents don't want to deal with that drama anymore and shouldn't have to! That should be wake up call to OP that he/she needs to get his/her act together, and now he/she knows that mommy and daddy are not playing anymore. Sorry I back the parents, kids these days are "somethin"

#10 Parents are supposed to love their kids unconditionally. If they don't, something is wrong, not with the kid but with the parents!

132 is that really how you feel? In that case, go **** yourself. What if you were in OP's position, you ******* son of a bitch? I bet OP was probably an awesome child, but the parents didn't want him because they were drug addicts or some shit like that. OP deserves better than what his parents did to him. No child should have to go through what OP had to.

kriz_allizwell 6

freedom! oh and btw they dont deserve u...

gingeryginger 1

Its probably because they think your better off with the other parent because they love you

I think it's actually the opposite

gingeryginger 1

Well i guess your right

I'm sorry, ur parents suck....but dont take it too personally or else this will bother you even more

niyah4sho 11

I don't think it gets any more personal than this. I'm just saying.