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Today, my wife has the flu, while I have strep throat. We have a two-year-old toddler and have no clue as to who's more contagious and who should take care of her as to not get her sick. Yay for the entire day of surgical masks and Sesame Street. FML
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This sounds like a job for Team Grandparents!

Well my recommendation would be just try get one of your parents to take care of your child or something because you don't really want your kid to get either of those!


Well my recommendation would be just try get one of your parents to take care of your child or something because you don't really want your kid to get either of those!

What ^^1 said. Get family or a trusted friend to help. FYL

Yes, ask your parents or siblings for help as the others said. And get well soon, both of you.

Once you're on antibiotics for a while for strep you should be fine. Would definitely try to keep the flu away though. Wash hands often and the surgical masks are a good call!

Yeah. Two-year-olds and strep throat suck.

This sounds like a job for Team Grandparents!

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I'm just thumbing you up, I couldn't have said it better myself. OP, rest up and get well soon. You're both contagious.

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Best of luck to you! That's not easy! I hope you are able to keep the baby healthy and rest up enough to get well soon!!

If your child has had the vaccination for flu, your wife should. If I'm correct, there's not really a way to prevent strep? Either way though, hope you and your wife feel better, OP.

Not much of a way, but flu can be particularly virulent in young children (most people who die of the flu are children, elderly, or immunocompromised), whereas strep throat is fixed with a dose of antibiotics and is not nearly as potentially dangerous.

Thanks, I actually didn't know that :o I just seem to be more prone to strep, so I would probably take the lesser of the two evils for myself. Guess it's good that I don't have kids, though.

I'm on immune suppressants so I get the flu shot. It's still not a guarantee I won't get it. There are different types of the flu and the shot doesn't protect from all of them. Just by the sheer number of cases locally, I'm guessing its a different one then the immunization was for. Fun stuff.

Yeah, I'm immunocompromised as well (I have systemic lupus, drugs I'm on basically nuke my immune system from orbit), but I'm severely allergic to eggs - which is a key ingredient in the flu vaccine (they essentially use one of the proteins found in eggs in it). Which means I *really* count on herd immunity. Pretty much everyone in my house gets the flu shot, but there are some forms of flu that aren't covered by it and are more virulent than others. The reason for the whole H1N1 scare a few years back is because that was very similar to the strain of flu that caused the 'Spanish flu' pandemic in 1918 - wiping out mainly able-bodied young people, it tended to target people with strong immune systems instead of weak ones - and kill them, sometimes within days. At that point I wasn't on immunosuppressants yet, and I was attending college, and because my classmates were stubborn and came to school sick (even though college policy was if you had a hint of H1N1, you stayed home for a week with zero penalties to work missed and no need for a doctor's note unless you were gone more than a week). So of course because I couldn't be vaccinated against it, and none of the other students bothered, I caught the damn thing, and almost landed myself in the hospital (I certainly got to play Emergency Room Bingo for one day - a few chest x-rays and some IV fluids later, they sent me home to rest). Flu is definitely more dangerous, unless you're talking about stomach flu (gastroenteritis), which isn't really an influenza strain at all, and is usually less dangerous. I'd still rather give a toddler banana flavoured antibiotics than deal with massive amounts of bodily waste, so that's also something to consider.

I work in a pharmacy and the pharmacist was telling us that when they come up with the vaccine they use the one that was most common the year before, one that they think will be the most common one for the up coming season and then a 3rd one which is the H1N1 this year. So unless you get one of those 3 the vaccine doesn't help. I got one even though I haven't had the flu since 1987 only because this year I have a job in which I have a lot of exposure to people. I still ended up with the flu. It's not a 100% guarantee.

4 people around my area just died from the flu, even after being vaccinated, so I wouldn't risk it.

As a mom of 4, my kids have had both. Strep is def dangerous, spiking fevers are hell.

The flu is a virus, while strep is a bacteria. You are much more likely to contract a virus as a bacteria isn't nearly as contagious.

Kill yourselves temporarily. Problem solved.

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Not sure which ones worse strep or Elmo's world.

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What's wrong with Elmo's world? That used to be my shit back in the day.

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I say get a babysitter, fast! You think it's bad now, wait until you're sick AND caring for a toddler with the flu and strep. Even if you have to pay for a sitter, it will be worth it. I Pinkie swear.

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Yay, I was hoping someone would say that :D

Get someone to help you guys. You don't want your child to get any of those, kids are very sensitive to these things. It's dangerous and if everyone is busy hire a nanny

Where's Doc Bastard when you need him? Doc, help them out, which one is more contagious?

It's difficult to say which is more contagious. Both are highly communicable, especially with children. How's that for evasive?

So you don't know, I'm glad your not my doctor;)

You can't quantify something like "contagiousness", idiot. It either is or it isn't. Plus, I'm a surgeon. What the **** do I know of these infections. That's why there are infectious disease specialists. I'm glad you're not my patient.

Welcome to the house of horrors!! Can't decide wich is more torture, sesame street or the surgical masks