By sicky - 27/01/2016 05:02 - United States - Salt Lake City

Today, I learned that I have a sinus infection, ear infection and bronchitis so bad it was on the verge of pneumonia. My work won't let me call in sick. I work with kids. Lovely. FML
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And then I bet they'll also say "WHY DID YOU COME INTO WORK SICK? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!"

That's a great way to run a company, don't think about the workers or the customers


And then I bet they'll also say "WHY DID YOU COME INTO WORK SICK? THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!"

how are you even able to get out of bed? you must have some special powers.

I actually had all of that (along with pneumonia) when I was in 7th grade, I still got myself out of bed and did stuff. it wasn't pleasant, mind you, however it isn't exactly crippling (despite the doctor telling me I almost died, but what do they know, eh?)

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It's possible. I've actually had all the same things and still had to go to rehearsals for musicals (including all the dancing. The singing was impossible, but I had to at least pretend). It was extremely miserable, to be sure, but not crippling.

Well I've been in that situation only with school and it was hell until I was admitted into the hospital because my mom noticed something was wrong and I hadn't. Now the only thing that can keep me down is random days where I can't even get out of my room because my muscles refuse to cooperate and I take two steps before falling back in bed.

One of my coworkers recently died from similar symptoms. She finally went to the emergency room and spent her last 3 days in the hospital. She was under the mentality of "I gotta work, I gotta come in if I wanna keep my job." even though where we work, it isn't like that. I have worked for many that do operate with that same thought process though. No job is worth your health, or your life. Get yourself taken care of.

It's likely you caught them all at work, so the kids are probably resilient!

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That or OP's work is deciding to run the risk of exposing a bunch of kids to a bunch of terrible illnesses.

They might not be the "good" kind of germs, but I just hope for the kids' sake, it helps build up their immunity.

That's a great way to run a company, don't think about the workers or the customers

This is exactly how germs spread! People should be able to stay home when they're sick.

"Won't somebody please think of the children!" Helen Lovejoy

I was gonna say walk straight up to your boss and let them SEE how nasty you feel. If he still makes you stay, tell all the parents to check their children for pneumonia over the next couple of days. Let him explain to angry, raging parents why he won't let you go home.

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Yeah, I'd work the entire day and sneeze on everyone. And be prepared with a backup job when he goes out of business.

Purposely infecting children with something as dangerous as pneumonia just gets you fired, a ruined reputation in child care and a possible lawsuit. Don't sneeze on the children.

OP I really hope that you feel better soon..

Just call in sick OP. Stay in bed for a day or two and then go back to work. Get well soon :)

ninjuh_wingman 29

I'm pretty sure the point of the FML was the fact that OP CAN'T call in sick.

My point was to call in sick anyway so the infection doesn't spread and she can better. Can always justify your actions to your boss. They're kids man. I don't think OP's boss will want parents coming in to complain

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I think you STILL don't understand. OP probably already tried calling in sick, and their boss refused to give them the time off, probably saying something along the lines of 'show up or lose your job'. As far as I could tell from a quick Google search, Utah is a right to work state and suing OP's employer if they DID actually end up getting fired could be extremely difficult.


not if she went to see a doctor. you can not be fired because you were sick and were an endangerment to the other workers and customers. I feel she would have a very strong case.

@48, Utah is a right to work state, doctors not does nothing really.

Vaccines usually don't work against bacterial infections like all of these

There is no vaccine against those diseases.

No. OP's infections are likely caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae or Haemophilus influenzae, for both of which there are available and effective vaccines.