By sericane - 04/03/2016 20:03 - United States - Pittsburgh

Today, I delivered a pizza to a former coworker. He answered the door with his pants below his ass and his junk hanging out of his boxers. FML
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sericane tells us more.

I must say, these comments had me laughing my ass off. To elaborate a bit, he had no idea it was me coming. He didn't even acknowledge or notice it at all. I'm fairly certain he was stoned out of his mind, because he barely said 2 words to me. When we worked together, there was always something off about him. He got fired for always calling off due to supposedly being homeless. Well, the house I delivered to was hella nice. So, idk. Lol. Either way, I tried to avert my eyes and just finish the transaction and gtfo of there. When I got back to work, the rest of my coworkers had a big laugh when I told em what happened. Lol. Definitely something I did not need to see. Lmao

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Did you ask if he needed extra sausage?

It's the meat special.


Did you ask if he needed extra sausage?

That must have been hard.

I must admit, I only checked out the comments to see how many of them would be of the Meat-Lovers type. Wasn't disappointed that the first one referenced sausage. :)

It alright OP! He must have known it was you. Perhaps he was just trying to cheer you up.

#14 - You mean unless the two are dating. (I don't mean to suggest that OP and ass-guy are dating. I just thought 14's statement was incomplete, because my boyfriend can definitely cheer me up with some nudity).

It's the meat special.

Bluedy 17

Good Old Friends!

cheshirecat13242 32

He's living the dream :-)

and you're living the nightmare.

And now the question is: did he expect you to give you a special welcome or does he simply have no reserve?

Tell him you charge for extra sausage.

Sounds like the intro to a really good porno!

What a visual! I'm still laughing!!

Sounds like he's hinting at wanting something more than a pizza.