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Today, my husband reorganized our fridge for the World Cup. He cleared everything out and filled it with beer and chips. FML
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That's all u ever need ! Good on him.


sexyboi1985 27

That's all u ever need ! Good on him.

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That's what I was thinking 34. He could have more room for beer.

#34 - i dont know anyone that does it, until another FMLer says differntly, im gonna say thats extremely unusual..

I find that chips deepfry better if they're cold instead of room temperature.

Maybe they're from England and mean fries by chips?

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It says it was translated from the French version, but they are located in Missouri. what the what?!

60 - you act like there cant be a french speaking person in missouri... just because english its the national launguage in the US, doesnt mean its the only one

@68 - Exactly, how would white people order from Chipotle without Spanish?

I can't believe OP didn't do that herself to show her support. It's incredible what men have to live with these days. YDI

Even though english is the most spoken language there actually isnt a national language. just saying

145 - although your politically correct, english is percieved by most to be americas national language even if its not declared

aparently i didnt know america doesnt have an official language until now. funny, well now i know. it helps my above point all the same

In Europe, Fries are called Chips. OP is probably European, as she posted this in French. Her husband preparing for the Football World Cup also hints they are European.

153 - celebrating the world cup doesnt hint that they are european.. and why would you have fries in the fridge either? reheated they are gross

154 - I don't know man, I live in England so I don't really know what you guys watch in U.S. Thought watching football(soccer) was a European thing as all my friends from U.S. just like to watch baseball and super-bowl. We freeze our chips and cook them in the oven from frozen.

#155 I've said this a lot in this FML, so sorry to repeat myself like a senile granny, but "chips" does not stand for "fries" in all of Europe. Just in the UK and Ireland. In most of continental Europe, chips has the same meaning as in American English.

155 - we cook ours from frozen too, so i dont get your point there, unless maybe theres a miscommunication. when i say fridge, i mean JUST the part that keeps things cool. the freezer portion i consider a seperate thing, even though it usually comes in the whole "refridgerator" unit

which is why im also confused why the fries/chips were in the fridge, unless op implied the freezer...

OP is from the United States, so it wouldn't have been the European version of "chips." Therefore, it's still odd to keep said chips in a fridge (which, in American terms, is different from a freezer).

You might find the OP is British and the chips in question are frozen "fries".

knoxxx 22

Even if they were fries and not chips, why would they be in the fridge and not the freezer?

Fries couldn't be fresh for a long time in a fridge. Maybe cold chips are more tasteful. Or it's just a little odd habby.

Well their is a freezer unit in most fridges so I am assuming OP meant the freezer. I mean why would someone put chips in the fridge unless they are putting it in the freezer. Just use common sense. Jeez!! I mean what do you want the FML to be. Today, my husband reorganized our fridge and freezer for the World Cup. He cleared everything out and filled it with beer in the refrigerator and chips in the freezer unit of our refrigerator. And by chips I mean fries as I am from England. FML

Actually, if you read the comments below, in the original French version of this FML, it's not chips, it's salami. The FML team decided to change it to chips because they thought that it would speak to a wider audience.

well of course! what did you expect broccolli and humus at a world cup party? your husbands got it down op.

shaww 28

That's an abomination. How could he do that? No one puts chips in the fridge

I'm pretty sure something was lost in translation. Frites (french fries) in French translates to chips in English.

Chips for most of Europe is what we Americans call French fries.

#127 Not most of Europe. Just the UK and Ireland. Th rest of Europe call them chips, just like Americans.

1dvs_bstd 41

you don't make friends with salad.

Just talk to him about it. Or get some actual food in there for you.

I dont get it. Ok husband enjoying the game.... FML my wife doesnt keep enough beer in the fridge

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He just wants to make the fridge a BUDLIGHTER... Get it? Anyone? No? Okay :(

jad0016 12

beer.. chips.. and the problem is... sit down and join him!

Men are going to be men. Circle of life.

PresidentNorth 16

Can't tell if sexist or just stating obvious..

I would do the same, but my mom would kill me.

Men will be men. Unless they are drag queens. In which case, men will be women.

That's exactly what I was thinking. I prefer room temperature chips.

I feel like the chips would just take away from the beer storage....

BlueFlatts 20

I feel like it should be dip, but maybe he just wanted all his stuff in one spot.

I feel like those heated chips are amazing... Room temperature is ok but heated is the way to go! Put those suckers in the oven for a few minutes and boom. The best tasting chips ever!

Considering that OP calls soccer football I think that they are originally from Europe thus chips are frozen French Fries.

but still if thats the case why would you keep fries in the fridge? unless theyre already cooked, but reheating fries is gross

#66 Nope, OP speaks French, and in French chips are the same as in American English. So, for some random reason, chips are in the fridge. We say "frites" for fries. It's the literal translation. It's the same in a lot of European countries. In my experience, only English speaking countries in Europe have a different word for chips (crisps).

My BF grew up in New York and because of rat problems there, out of habit, he puts everything that's opened in our fridge. Cereals, bread etc.. though not potato chips but those Stella pretzel chips are in there as we speak. And as far as beer? He bought and extra refrigerator for the garage JUST to store his Yuengling and Sierra Nevadas.

Here in the humid Midwest and South USA, chips get stale very quickly. If you've got a no-frost frig, chips stay fresh & crispy

In the french version, it was saucisson (dried sausage) instead of chips. Hence the fridge

But in fact i prefere saucisson out of the fridge , makes it dryer.

#77 Time to introduce your husband to the wonders of air tight plastic storage containers. Sounds like you could free up a lot of fridge space that way.

So he only has to go to one location to get both chips and beer. Having to open a cupboard as well as the fridge would be too much effort.

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Efficient. The commercial breaks may be short.

66, where does the OP call soccer football? It doesn't say that in the FML.

Axel5238 29

Beat me to it. Moisture will ruin chips, cereal and the like so he's just trying to keep them fresh fore game day, but how much beer is in the fridge that he cleared out everything?

knoxxx 22

Yeah chip bags are actually filled with nitrogen (why they're half air when you buy them) so that they stay crispy and don't absorb water vapor from the air. So unless they were all opened bags of chips, storing them in the fridge still doesn't make any sense.

I like putting my hot Cheetos into the freezer. You can taste the flavor better and it's more crunchier and easy to breakdown, atleast for me

Actually putting chips in the fridge helps keep them from getting stale too fast and keeps em crispy

FYL. He forgot all things so you can make him a sandwich!

PresidentNorth 16

#91 Go to school if you want to be an English professor.

Refusing to butcher a language doesn't make you an English professor. Reminds me of the song from My Fair Lady... "Why can't the English teach their children how to speak?" (well English speaking).

@some numbers. Fridge chips exist, and I mean chips as in the cooked variety, not crisps. Not all need to be frozen. Happens a lot in meal packs (fish and chips etc) that come as one an can be microwaved quickly, not the eat at all but quick.

PresidentNorth 16

He didnt have to point it out. regardless of if I get down voted for this crap its not right to belittle someone for a minor thing like this. He was just being a troll for no reason. The dude could have gotten the dv's and everything would be okay but I mean why was it so serious to point out his structuring unless it bothered the bein of your existence. People like you are just assholes for stupid stuff like this. If you want to find faults in everyone's errors and get liked for it go be some mediocre talk show host.

Well, that person was not going to be invited to the party anyways. So, more beer for everyone else!

Rosebudx 32

That is really awful. Tons of money in the trash :(

BlueFlatts 20

How do you get from beer and fridge to money and garbage? That's some auto-correct.

Maybe what #10 is trying to say is that the husband had to throw away everything that was previously in the fridge, hence the wasting money part. It is not specified in the FML though. Maybe he ate it all, Joey Tribbiani style.

Rosebudx 32

42, that's exactly what I meant. Unless he pulled a Tribbiani, he threw out a lot of usable food and replaced it with crap. Not that there's anything wrong with chips and beer, but all things in moderation is a saying for a reason. I suppose I should have made my original comment clearer...