By fml9124 - 10/7/2020 08:01


Today, my company published "return to work" procedures for when the pandemic stops. HQ is in Maryland, I live in Arizona. I have worked remotely for the last 8 years. My new boss didn't know this. He wants me to move back to Maryland or find another job. FML
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By  nzhx  |  23

Considering it’s for when the pandemic stops, I assume you still have plenty of time before this has to go in effect. Keep your job but start searching. Even if you don’t find it at all viable to move, you’ll at least have a head start on the job search before you’re out of time. Sorry, OP.

By  leximichelle  |  13

What kind of idiot do you work for that hasn’t realized in eight years that you live in a different state? Not to mention, if it clearly hasn’t been a problem all this time, why is it suddenly such a big deal?


OP said it was her NEW boss. He probably was brought onboard during remote working and didn’t realize where OP was remote working from. But either way, if OP has been doing it for 8 years, unless whole company is under new management and has different guidelines, she should see if upper management will help with the situation