By lemonjuice - United States
Today, I was at a Chinese restaurant, I'd forgotten my glasses and had a migraine. I was straining my eyes, squinting and rubbing my temples to alleviate my migraine. I was kicked out of the restaurant and banned henceforth because my waitress thought I was mocking her eyes. FML
lemonjuice tells us more :
There are very few Chinese restaurant areas, this was definitely the best for your dollar. Yeah I did try to explain myself but the manager as well as her mother and son came out to yell at me. I just couldn't deal with that while I had a migraine, I shouldn't have been there anyways, MSG often gives me migraines, so FML again.
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By  mylifesucks_alot  |  0

That sucks. Migraines are an AWFUL thing to contend with and knowing what those do to my friend who has a very serious migraine problem, I can assure you that I understand the last thing a person in that kind of pain wants to do is mock somebody else. Shame on this waitress for jumping to conclusions. You think it would have been obvious to her (or somebody else in the restaurant) that you were in horrible pain.

By  Ldy_S_FTW  |  0

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