By dudster25 - 10/04/2016 04:20 - United States - Hanford

Today, I was both sexting with my girlfriend and texting my professor about an upcoming essay. I accidentally sent a dickpic to my professor. FML
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I guess either way someone is getting a D

There's a simple lesson to be learned here. Don't do that


I'm the first!

HeadlessSparrow 20

No you're not.

And even if you were. No one gives a fuck

You need 2 phones, One for the bitches and one for the dough.

sp00derman 23

he would probably still get them mixed up

One for the plug and one for the load?

ALittleFreak 15

Kevin Gates keeps my panties wet.

Why did this get down voted? That was pretty witty.

barfinghamster 9

but you comment got liked

I guess either way someone is getting a D

Dammit I was gonna post that.

This must be really hard for op to go through

Sparklypink714 9


Best Comment EVER

dannidoll93 24

Maybe s/he'll up your grade?

I hope you don't carry that mentality with your own education

I agree with BlackFlyBoy.

There's a simple lesson to be learned here. Don't do that

you give a D, you get a D. It's the circle of life.

^ I don't remember that scene from Lion King.

Look beyond what you see

Depends. If they like the D you can get an A. Like reverse sexual harassment. A little different, still never acceptable. :P

or at least do one at a time.

"Accidentally" or hoping for extra credit?

Yikes, hope your lectures aren't too awkward after that.

Snickers4 16

Oh they will be

Why do I feel like this probably isn't the first time this has happened to that professor?

was that you earlier?

There is nothing in the fml to implicate multiple occurences. Wtf are you even looking at to make that assumption?

trellz17 19

Now why in the hell would continue to text your professor? You should've waited till you were done sexting.