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Today, I had to explain to my girlfriend that taking triple the maximum dosage of painkillers won't actually triple its effects. She rolled her eyes, called me clueless, and said that I should "leave this stuff to the professionals." She's studying to become a doctor. FML
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rg350dx 29

Write this moment down and remind her of it in four years and ask again who's clueless.

Cryptic17 - No, the thing that will increase is the concentration if the drug in her bloodstream, and when you increase the plasma concentration, you generally increase the response. SapphireVelvet is right - OP IS clueless.


abbttmc 12

When arguing with a woman- you're always wrong!

rg350dx 29

Write this moment down and remind her of it in four years and ask again who's clueless.

No. Even when they're wrong, they cry, and are somehow not wrong again. That or they just withhold sex.

But he did write this moment down, that's how we know about it.........

rg350dx 29

She clearly already has her PHD. If that meant Pretty Huge Dumbass

You know, she might not be a complete idiot... Just saying

Lets hope she still has 4 years to go because if she's a good ways along in medical school I'm very concerned.

BlueFlatts 20

Umm... OP is clueless, as well as most of the people on this thread. I don't understand why so many people think he's right. There are many factors to it probably won't triple the dosage it'll be close enough. Where's your head people? Hell, Alieve says it on the commercial. "Take 2 pills for a day free of pain". I trust DocBastard, my doctor, and common sense. So thumb me down if you must.

Wizardo 33

Bitch is gonna OD way before anything happens if she continues on the road she's on...

If she dies of an overdose... can I have her stuff?

This FML kind of reminds me of the episode of spongebob has till sunset because he at a bomb that was a pie and he was doing heart surgery on squidward

tjv3 10

While it won't be triple the effects it will increase the results

sterlingbaker 8

Medical school is twelve years.

fragmen52 18

Few more months and it will be 4 years

SapphireVelvet 8

She's right. You're clueless.

He not actually clueless the only thing it will triple is the likely hood of a serious side effect such as death

Side effects may include dry mouth, constipation, or death.

Cryptic17 - No, the thing that will increase is the concentration if the drug in her bloodstream, and when you increase the plasma concentration, you generally increase the response. SapphireVelvet is right - OP IS clueless.

Perception 6

It will certainly increase the response, but trying to quantify the exact degree of the drug's effect on a given person is a difficult thing to do. I doubt that the dosage and degree of effect would be linearly proportional.

Cryptic 17- not all "increased doses" equate to death. For example, a boatload of xanax in a patient not taking other medications would just cause a temporary coma with stable vitals. Another example: there is no.maximum dose of opioid pain medications (it all depends on your tolerance). and, tolerance does not equal addiction. Oyyyy the medical ignorance makes my brain hurt.

How is this comment thumbed down? Of course will an increased dose of painkillers give more painrelief. Thats the principle we work by when we give them to cancer patients in palliative care etc. As long as she's under the toxic dose, it will increase the effect. If she combined two she may even get a synergetic effect.

In the Xanax example, I know people who are prescribed a triple dose of what I have. I've had double my painkiller dose prescribed after a surgery. During a mania, I had a med tripled. Safe doses do range.

Wow. Where to start? Well, op is a clueless. There are a lot of factors that play into how much dosage will effect someone. Even so, the plateau effect dose (the dose where the maximum therapeutic effect can be seen) of most pain killers is much higher than the recommended dose (usually near the threshold dosage (dose where minimum therapeutic effect can be seen). Patient's tolerance to a medication can effect both these levels; they are more so generalized for the mass majority of people. By nature, over the counter pain killers are toxic, but the dose where they become lethal is extremely high. I don't want to go more in depth with this because I have better things to do with my time than argue with people who know nothing about what they are talking about, like op. Trust me, I'm an engineer.

80: but doesn't taking too much of an opioid medication result in respiratory depression and death? you can't really say that opioids don't have a maximum dose.

If a person who never tried opiates (morfine, heroine etc.) takes them, they can overdose (supress the need to breathe while in a coma and therefore suffocate), on far far less than a drugaddict. A drugaddict has far fewer receptors for the drug after using it for a while- and therefore need more to get the effect of it.

Taking the occasional higher dose of pain killers will not kill you. I've been getting semi-frequent headaches since I was about 11 years old, which led to me having an extremely high tolerance for pain medication. By now, I HAVE to take a higher dose than it says on the bottle because it will not work otherwise. Sure, if you sit there and chew pills like candy for hours on end every day, that's when those side effects will start appearing. But taking higher doses of them every once in a while? No.

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Dude, that's a little harsh...we can always just put them on display in a zoo or something

Hey!! What did we poor zoo animals do to deserver such punishment??

Woah #4, that was intense. Even real drug addicts shouldn't just DIE, they need help! Besides, if drugs weren't a world wide problem, something else would be.

courtney680 17

You should probably take her to the hospital..

rosha267 21

This is an emergency! My girlfriend took three regular strength over the counter Tylenol!!

SexySlayer1248 18

Who said what kind of pain killer it is?

rosha267 21

Well I think your point wasn't very clear

courtney680 17

When someone says "pain killer" I don't exactly think of Tylenol. I think more along the lines of Vicodin..

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sotheresthisgirl 8

Watch out, You'll have a foot in your ass.

I imagine she is too, considering she's technically right.

*Facepalm* I feel bad if you're going to be her dummy.

LappDance 16

I hope she isn't my doctor one day.

At this rate you may not have to worry about that

I'd love to have her as a doctor. A doc that believes in triple the OxyContin is ok by me. I bet I can sell what I don't use.

^ and that's why people who need them can't get them.

I'm sure doctors are scouring the site for any indication that their patients are just drug addicts.