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  Anyb0dyTh  |  8

Embarrassed to buy feminine products? Lol. Who cares.

Just wear a long sleeve shirt :D

I agree with #5
You don't want to poison your lymph with aluminum.

Baking soda is a much better choice. It's detoxifying as well.

  narrowords  |  18

It's called hyperhydrosis. There's a special prescription deodorant he can get from a doctor to put on at night, or if it's really serious, they can consider surgically removing the glands under the arms...

  mookiemookie01  |  24

Why don't you want surgery? I got it and it's fantastic. It is a little harder to shave your armpits and no one can tickle you there, but it was worth it. I went from changing my double tshirt twice a day at the very least and having the armpits stiff with deodorant to just being normal. I don't regret it at all.

  SammyS2012  |  21

My life is already a little more complicated from having spinal surgery where I can't do this, blah blah blah, so I don't want to have another surgery where I get another list of "can't do's".

Plus, it's not just my armpits. My hands sweat so much that I can't use paper anymore to write because it gets really damp under my hands, and I slip against tile or wood because my feet sweat too much :( so it's a lot of places affected (ironically, I don't sweat in "normal" places. I don't sweat when I'm hot or when I exercise).

  narrowords  |  18

No store-bought deodorant will do the trick. The ones prescribed will actually sting/itch until you get used to them. And it works best to put them on at night and cover them with ceran wrap. I had hyperthyroidism as a teenager, which made me sweat more. I know that a lot of people have been trying to steer away from aluminum deodorants because of cancer links, but anyone actually in that situation knows what a terrible quality of life it is to sweat too much, and can make that decision for themselves.


Had this problem myself.

Never mind prescription deodorant, try Mitchum first, it works great for heavy sweating and you can get it from most supermarkets.
It even has an unscented variety so no one will even know you have it on.

  ninety  |  25

Mitchum actually does work very well and it's my deo of choice even though I don't have a sweating problem... I like the baby powder smell lol. I don't think it will be enough for OP, though, since he's already to the point of sticking pads to his shirt.