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By  SheriffBart  |  0

Today, the pimple-faced sandwich artist at Subway threatened not to give me my food until I paid him seven dollars, which he asked for after preparing my sandwich for me. FML.

  Mirequetz  |  6

I don't get it. Is there a comprehension problem here? He did his job and is now due a fee. Did he say he'd work Pro Bono? If not... well, next time represent yourself, then you wont have to pay anything.

  nonynony  |  0

I don't get it either. I keep wondering if maybe the OP meant that the lawyer FAILED to get him out of a lawsuit, meaning the OP had to pay a ton of money and is now broke. Not that it would make a difference--he'd still have to pay--but I'd have more sympathy.


thanks for saving my ass; here's absolutely nothing in return...even though i promised you a ton of money. yeah...i'm failing to see the FML here too. boohoo, you have to pay your bill. what? did you think he was going to do that for you too? or did you think it came free and the number he gave you before was just the day's lottery numbers?

  TheTruth1428  |  0

Wouldn't work then he'd just have two lawyers to pay.

YDI OP. You have to pay for services, simple as that. You shouldn't have hired a lawyer if you couldn't afford it, that's why states give you free legal council if you can't afford it.