By Anonymous - 02/12/2009 21:14 - United States

Today, my lawyer threatened to sue me because I can't afford his bill, which he sent to me after getting me out of a lawsuit. FML
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well he saved your ass so pay your ******* bill

Today, the pimple-faced sandwich artist at Subway threatened not to give me my food until I paid him seven dollars, which he asked for after preparing my sandwich for me. FML.


well he saved your ass so pay your ******* bill

Mirequetz 6

I don't get it. Is there a comprehension problem here? He did his job and is now due a fee. Did he say he'd work Pro Bono? If not... well, next time represent yourself, then you wont have to pay anything.

nonynony 0

I don't get it either. I keep wondering if maybe the OP meant that the lawyer FAILED to get him out of a lawsuit, meaning the OP had to pay a ton of money and is now broke. Not that it would make a difference--he'd still have to pay--but I'd have more sympathy.

Number 1: the op specifically said that he can't pay his bill, so how can he pay the lawyer with no money?

That's his problem, isn't it? You hire someone to do a job, you owe them the money for the work completed.

the_stereotype 0

thanks for saving my ass; here's absolutely nothing in return...even though i promised you a ton of money. yeah...i'm failing to see the FML here too. boohoo, you have to pay your bill. what? did you think he was going to do that for you too? or did you think it came free and the number he gave you before was just the day's lottery numbers?

tobyraza 0

OK. Leave that guy for a cheaper lawyer, and when he sues you, you'll have a different lawyer to back you up.

ummmm that's how lawyers works dumbo

I'm feel sick just knowing a human being wrote that fml. you are a sick person and you are the reason Americans are looked down apon!

As are you, idiot. I look down "apon" you.

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dang you called them an idiot...nice one. you're funny. and mean. that's so harsh you called them an idiot. wow. you're a mean comedian. just good one...

sweetie, I think you might have commented on the wrong comment here...

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get a new lawyer, sue the old lawyer for harassment, pay the new lawyer with your settlement. problem solved.

Wouldn't work then he'd just have two lawyers to pay. YDI OP. You have to pay for services, simple as that. You shouldn't have hired a lawyer if you couldn't afford it, that's why states give you free legal council if you can't afford it.

They only give you free council to defend yourself in a criminal trial. Not for a lawsuit

Most state bars have a program set up to provide free legal services to civil litigants who can't afford it.

WumbologyMajor 3

You can sue someone for harassment when they aren't harassing you

Of course pay your bill, but didn't he ask for your financial status before he took your case?

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This is simple! Pay your bill, nothing is free in this world. You think he has pity? LOL

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DUH, you Knew you were going to have to pay the guy. How stupid are you?