By Darth Binks - 01/02/2015 18:48 - Canada

Today, I came back from vacation to find a packet on the company's stress management programs on my desk. I was sent the same packet over my vacation. I got the same packet from my boss as I left. All because I snapped at a co-worker who was throwing a tantrum over the Star Wars trailer. FML
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Good...good...let the hate flow through you.

At least it wasn't a Star Trek trailer.


At least it wasn't a Star Trek trailer.

Obviously your boss thinks you have some aggression problems. But at the bright side your boss cares about your stress level which is a good thing :) Best of luck for your future OP.

Or he cares about his own health and lack of bullet holes in his body because his employee didn't snap and shoot up the building.

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Hmm, I wonder if a how to use your mind to choke someone out tutorial is included in the packet?

Looks like your co worker has ratted you out big time. May the calm be with you.

or it could have happened in front of everyone.

Good...good...let the hate flow through you.

well they will most likely ruin the reboot. so his freaking out is valid haha

Go on vacations again for stress relaxation.

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Atleast your company cares about you OP, that is rare so enjoy it. Plenty of fml's here that state the opposite about their bosses.