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By Angel - 25/10/2016 20:54

Today, while out to dinner with my adult daughter, I told her I look at her Twitter because it helped me to feel close to her since she rarely calls or visits. When I got home from dinner and looked at her Twitter, she had set it to private. FML
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Atleast you tried to be apart of her life OP :[ maybe she just wants some space between you.


Well there's only one thing to do now ... unfriend her on Facebook!

And just hope—pray—she doesn't retaliate with a well-targeted Craigslist ad. This could be the beginning of a terrible arms race, ending with *shudders* a MySpace page.

No, I think it would end with OP becoming a 4chan user and the daughter being on Tumblr. Then any future family outings quickly devolve into flame wars

Atleast you tried to be apart of her life OP :[ maybe she just wants some space between you.

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It's possible she blocked you. Websites often have it look similar to viewing a private page so you don't realize.

Wow, that'll make OP feel much better.

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Not for twitter. Because if she was blocked, she could easily just sign out and still view her page without any problem. Twitter is a public site visible to all. Blocking a person on twitter only prohibits someone from following you, not seeing you. I know from experience! Had to look all this up when trying to block a crazy stalker...

Having had the experience of being blocked on twitter (for nothing bad, on my old twitter account I used to have I used to argue with racists and such-like) I can tell you that Twitter actually tells the person you've blocked that they are blocked. Only if they look at your page though.

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That's sad... Sounds like your daughter has issues. Maybe you could try and sit down with her and talk about why she is shutting you out when you're trying to be present in her life. One day she may regret it.

Not everyone has a great relationship with their parents, and not everyone will regret minimal contact with their parents. There are a ton of toxic parents out there but anything that goes wrong is deemed to be the child's fault because "she's got issues." I can't stand how comments like this are the default assumption.

And no abusive parent ever admits to abuse. Tbh we don't know how invasive mom is. This could have been the last straw.

Niemphie 5

TBH, you probably deserve it. There's only so much a parent should know about her daughters personal life, and maybe the stuff she writes and shares on there is meant for herself and her peers, not her Mum. I stopped using Twitter because my mum had made a fake account to follow me after I blocked her on Facebook....

Thank you! For me this would be a big violation of privacy. Living with my parents leaves me with very few private spaces and my social media accounts are some of those spaces. Not to mention I don't use Twitter as a space to announce what's going on with my life, I use it more for discussion and asking advice and the like, so to have someone tell me they keep up with my life via that channel would weird me out.

Don't take it personally, there are probably just some things she puts on there that she doesn't want to share with family. I did the same with my mum. I post things on twitter for me and my friends, not things I want my family to see

chessu 21

100% agreed. Me and my mom get along great and I'm fine with my her being my FB friend, but I don't want her to see every selfie I take on Instagram or Snapchat or read every rant I post on Twitter. Admittedly, I don't do any of these things very often and there's never anything that actual hide-worthy in them, but I feel that those are more of a spur-of-the-moment posts and maybe sometimes a bit cheesy or desperate or whatever and I want my mom to think that I'm a functioning adult and would feel uncomfortable if she had access to those. It's no one's fault, it's completely normal. If anything, I'd click YDI (you didn't!) for complaining about your kid wanting some privacy from you. Surely, there are parts of you you don't want her to see as well.

yep it's better if your kids don't know you're watching them on social media never ever comment

I would've done the same thing your daughter did. Js.