By Peridot - 16/10/2017 19:00 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I thought I was going to get lucky with my girlfriend. Instead, I learned that she thought I was an ugly, masculine girl. All of our "dates" had been her taking me out to improve her chances when looking for guys. FML
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How was she your girlfriend? Sucks that happened though.

You deserve better, OP. Hope you find that special someone who accepts you.


You deserve better, OP. Hope you find that special someone who accepts you.

How was she your girlfriend? Sucks that happened though.

Do people just assume they are exclusive nowadays? Feels like you see each on a certain amount of dates and it automatically becomes official. Is that how dating works now?

Oh please. how could she be your girlfriend when she thought you were a girl. which I'm also having a hard time believing.

...I guess it's the opposite of a gay guy keeping a woman around as a beard...?

Your comment will be deleted for questioning the legitimacy of an FML. That isn't a joke. I've had it happen several times. One of the time was even on an article they posted. I explained it was debunked and the comment was deleted for being a "buzzkill". as for this FML I'm assuming the guy just thought she was his gf even though nothing was official.

Let me blow your mind.... Lesbians, they are a thing that exists

I think OP thought they were in a relationship, but the "girlfriend" thought they were just (female) friends.

Seems like you just got broken up with in a new way! Congratulations!

That's a new way to feel completely worthless....

Why would you assume someone is your girlfriend and you're about to get sexual with no discussion? Did you discuss anything at all? How where there no clues?

That's sucks OP. ...Have you considered changing the way you dress and/or groom yourself, so no one mistakes you for a girl again?

Did OP say they weren't a girl?

do you read? it pretty much says that his "gf" thought he was a masculine ugly girl, meaning that he thinks he is one of those...

The icon by the name is male, so that would lead a reasonable person to assume OP is male. While the icon is not always accurate, unless OP comes on to correct it, I think we’re safe thinking he’s a he.

She hasn’t realized you have a dick?

How oblivious to the situation can you be to not just thinking that you are on a date but also that you will get lucky? In no way was she sending any signals which conclude to this. This just makes you sound like a creep.