By musicalrose_21 - 20/01/2013 12:27 - United Kingdom - Haywards Heath

Today, the drummer of my band briefly mentioned something about not being allowed into the United States, just as he left our last practice before our big tour in America. FML
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musicalrose_21 tells us more.

Hey, OP here, sorry I waited so long to reply to this but I didn't realise it got published! In the end, we left him behind and got my boyfriend's brother to drum for us. He's not out of the band though! I thought I could trust him.

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That really sucks. FYL, OP. I hope he was only joking.

perdix 29

Don't worry. We have plenty of ugly drummers over here that can keep the beat and make you look attractive by comparison.


That really sucks. FYL, OP. I hope he was only joking.

AbstraktThoughts 13

Maybe it's actually bc OP called him ugly in front of a fan? :(

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What's with all these weirdos randomly popping up with "do you even lift?" all over the place? Is it supposed to be funny?

How did the thread go from a drummer in a band to World of Warcraft (last time I used abbreviations I got received a lot of rage) in 3 posts?

"Before we go, I have to tell you guys something. I kinda, sort of walked around naked everywhere I went for the about 1 to 2 months. No more than 3. Oh, also I'm not "legally" allowed back into America. Alright, now that's off my chest, lets go!

why doesn't anyone understand your reference to an old FML? :(

Drummer in the US are a dime a dozen. Pick one up over here.

72- It's a Swaggot thing. It'll die off with the rest of the swag fad over time!

alexNEX 7

Don't worry, illegal immigrants get treated better than we do. Your band will become a huge hit because of his 'courage'

If by treated better you mean aren't allowed to work any good paying jobs, get treated like animals or "aliens", and if caught, get deported and maybe separated from their family to lead a miserable life, then yeah I guess you can say they are treated better. And don't say they don't have to pay taxes, that's a stupid fallacy among the majority of them.

gmaniac93 7

I think by treated better he means they get free food, free health care, free college tuition, and we all pay for it. Man i love America!

Free college tuition? You realize if you're illegal you can't even go to college right? Let alone apply for financial aid or scholarships. You are so misinformed and have no clue. You don't just get free shit.

You need proof and documentation of legal residency to apply for things like that, I should have added. It's not like the Americans that get welfare because they can't work for shit.

And yeah I remember now a new law was passed that allows them to go to college after getting an Authorization Card.

strawberrywine22 30

In high school social studies we listened to an interview with a woman who completed high school, graduated med school and couldn't get a job as a doctor because she found out she wasn't legal. Her parents had moved here when she was a baby and hadn't gotten any of their family legalized.

31, Apparently you've never been to Texas and didn't watch the Republican primary debates. I suggest you make sure your get your facts straight before you accuse others of being misinformed. And Obama signed an executive order saying that only illegal aliens who had committed crimes could be deported. Although I'm not sure of it's still in effect. Also, many illegal aliens have children in America, which qualifies their children as US citizens, because the immigration authorities tend to NOT want to separate families. Plus, if the only work illegal immigrants can get is "under the table," no they're not paying income taxes. While I agree that being an illegal immigrant has its disadvantages, and I wish my government would both secure our borders and make legal immigration easier to achieve, it's completely unfair to say that America treats its illegal immigrants "like animals." They're treated much better here than they are in other countries, like Mexico, where illegal immigrants are all automatically deported. I mean, think about it. If America treats its illegal immigrants "like animals," why do so many willingly come here? I know I wouldn't willingly go somewhere I would be treated like an animal.

Coming from an immigrant: you actually can pay taxes even if you don't have a green card or citizenship. And most do. And they make you prove you're legal when applying for any financial aid when in college. And no, the grass isn't greener for immigrants in America. I suffered abuse in the school system by a teacher who had a negative mindset on immigrants. Even when I was legal. So let's not spit out shit we don't know when it comes to America's treatment on "non Americans."

50, It's a shame a teacher mistreated you, and you have my sympathy, but it's unfair to base your opinion on American treatment of immigrants on one person.

I came here to laugh at other people's misfortunes. I didn't come here to get a lesson about these stupid problems

57, I get where you're coming from. Sometimes I wonder why I let myself get sucked into these debates on a humor site. And as I'm pondering that question, I find myself sucked into yet another debate on FML. Dammit, why can't I just leave these threads alone? I think I need help. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to Debaters Anonymous.

Come to CA illegals do get free college - life insurance- benefits- and food stamps

JerryH 9

Obviously nobody here read the fml correctly because nobody corrected the comment. They are a band, going on tour, they are not immigrating to the US.

65, True, but the suggestion is that the drummer isn't even allowed to VISIT the US.

Yeah, people come to the US to live a better life, because other places are more crappy and the US is obviously the place of opportunity. And I don't mean all of America treats them that way, it's just that I despise the way many people think about others who are foreign/illegal. Illegals that aren't criminals still get deported and may even be separated from families, it's happened plenty of times, usually being only one of the family members. And I know I'm not an expert on all of the laws and situations, but the guy that I accused of being misinformed was indeed misinformed. Even if they work "under the table" and have no income tax, it's not like it matters, because their wage is still going to be under 40k a year most of the time even with multiple jobs, an amount I doubt most Americans could live with and would find it unimaginable.

Under 40k is unusual? No wonder everyone in America seems to have a big house and a car by default.

70, I am a US citizen, earn less than 40k, pay income taxes, and still live quite comfortably. And yes, I take care of myself, and don't get any money from my family or collect any entitlements from the government. I agree that there is one extreme on this issue represented here, namely those who believe that being an illegal immigrant is preferable to being a citizen, but it seems to me that you represent the other extreme, greatly exaggerating the difficulties that illegal immigrants face in America, and even misstating some facts.

I work part time at a tax agency, and there is something immigrants can file called "foreign tax." They do pay taxes even though they are not citizens, but it doesn't happen often because they are unaware.

You live alone don't you? I'm talking families of 3 or 4 with that wage.

What are you talking about? There are hundreds of thousands of people that are legal having to try to make it on under 40k a year. It's not only immigrants that have to do that.

79, No I live with my boyfriend who can only get part time work at the moment, and so earns even less than I do, not that it's any of your business. But, since you mention, I know plenty of people who earn the same amount I do, or even less, and are supporting a non-working spouse and children.

Lant 6

Why are you guys always trying to talk politics on fml this site is for laughing at other peoples problems and relaxing not your issues with the government stfu

Alright then. maybe 40k was more than intended and I should have said a smaller amount that would be more realistic for an illegal immigrant family, but hey, now I know more so I can not be as extreme. But I didn't completely misstate the facts about how restricted their lives are, or at least were up until a new law a couple months ago. Mostly focused on the kids of illegal parents, those who weren't born in the US either. Anyways, we should probably end this. I should have just stopped after my first reply to the original thread comment. These debates, they get you.

Thanks for the info though, now I can make better arguments next time. :D

No everyone in America doesn't have a big house and car by default. Most people work their asses off for that.

Most states do NOT grant financial aid without proof of documentation. Also, most states do NOT grant college admissions without proof of documentation. I applied for at least 15 colleges all over and all of them asked me for my green card. I have Only seen community colleges accept illegal immigrants but do not grant financial aid. Illegals CAN and most do pay taxes, directly or indirectly. Most do it in case of a reform as well, so that they have a better chance of getting legalized. While some states might give aid to illegals, it is rare. Deportations and separations of families are not as rare as you think. It happens very often. All of you people who are giving "facts" about the law need to understand it's not as easy as you make it sound and not exactly how it works in real life. The life of an immigrant is not easy.. It's worse than your average US citizen.

He really should have brought that up sooner.

15- Dammit. I saw his comment and I thought, "I'm going to comment, "You don't say?" I then held my breath hoping noone else commented it as I clicked "Show Replies." As you are already aware, someone has, and that someone is you. And holy shit, this was a very long and pointless (pencil?) comment. Goodday, Sir/Madam.

80 - I see why you named yourself asstard.

He may not have done anything criminal in the country they are in currently.. And it would be pretty difficult to do a background check on every band member for every country. Just saying, if he did something in the states, that wouldn't show up on a background check in a different country. :)

I would suggest doing more thorough backgrounds on your band members before letting them join. good luck to you though. :)

Don't let him fool you. He's allows, he just doesn't want to come to America and see the stupidity here. Can't say that I blame him... >.>

the rev is frowning on you at this very moment for misrepresentation of avenged sevenfold.

Dblocker 18

I definitely see the stupidity here, in your comment at least.

APersonalProblem 13
cb930 2

It depends where you live.. Not every place is filled with stupidity.. Are you stupid?

Guys don't thumb down Feared, she was just poking fun and the use of censor symbols. (Especially since this site is **** my life)

I said 'such' not 'suck'. I don't know why I would be thumbed down if I sympathize with op.

It's actually FMyLife... The **** is implied.

CharresBarkrey 15

86 - It's because you censored your comment on a site where **** is in the name.

I'm really curious as to why he's not allowed in the U.S, especially as it's not like he's moving there. I really hope there's going to be a follow up for this FML.

strawberrywine22 30

I honestly can't think of any reason he wouldn't be allowed to come here.

meikaze 9

Criminal history is the main reason people can't come here.

Ya exactly, it really doesn't take much now a days to not be able to cross the boarder. Criminal record or probation and ya won't get across

A lot of things could have gone wrong and deny him the entry to the states. For example, he expressed his intention to reside in states during his last visit at the custom.

TB would do it. Dose your drummer have a nasty bloody hacking cough?

Dwi or possession will keep a person out of the us

You're not a real band until you have a band member die, or commit a crime that bans him from entering certain countries. Look at this as your behind the music moment.

perdix 29

Don't worry. We have plenty of ugly drummers over here that can keep the beat and make you look attractive by comparison.

Trisha_aus 15

I must be the only one who usually finds the drummer sexy.

dontpanic_fml 32

Excellent. I got all excited over finally having a great tie-in opportunity and you would beat me to it

perdix 29

Ugly is not necessarily the opposite of sexy. Otherwise, I'd never get laid.

Why do you make the assumption that he's a drummer?

strawberrywine22 30

Maybe says so in the FML? Just a thought.

strawberrywine22 30

Also #42, he is referencing an earlier FML. (sorry about the double-post. New phone is confusing.)

perdix 29

#104, And I see you don't post a profile pic, you must be one ugly drummer. This comes from a guy whose profile pic is five earth-tone stripes. ;)

Not everyone wants their picture up online.

MrBoredomioo 18

I agree that 104 is ugly, and that's from someone with a red box as a pic

why am I getting thumbed down? I don't understand? :)

She's in a band that will potentially be losing a very important member at the most inconvenient time.

Yes I know... I thought about that when I wrote it - but I genuinely do not understand what was wrong with my first comment :) Just curious.

That person was simply ASKING, not complaining.