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By  Levvy  |  22

The saliva thing is called "self anointing". There's a lot of debate as to why they do it, but it's a pretty normal hedgehog behavior. They taste/smell something unusual, foam up, and smear it all over themselves.
The biting thing is called "being a dick" and is also a not unusual hedgehog behavior.

  ukmedic  |  5

It will be an African Pygmy hedgehog, not a regular wild English hedgehog (which as illegal to keep as pets). They're a widely kept and healthy exotic pet, that are completely hygienic as long as they are kept properly and do not carry any parasites

  Levvy  |  22

How unhygienic... what is, exactly? Owning a hedgehog? Being licked by one? What mouth parasites do they supposedly have that you wouldn't find in the mouths of other common pets?

  species4872  |  19

And don't forget the double postings.