By Sergeant - 22/01/2018 13:00 - Russian Federation

Today, I fainted in the bathtub. My family broke the door to save me, which is great, but they all saw me naked, which is not so great. My siblings laughed at the size of my penis, my father laughed at the situation, and my mom just cried. FML
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“Significant shrinkage!” The water was cold!

It’s a great week for seeing family members’ members apparently...


“Significant shrinkage!” The water was cold!

neuronerd 28

You can't judge the size of a penis when it's flaccid. In any case, I hope they took you to the doctor after. Fainting in the shower can be indicative of autonomic dysfunction, because of excessive drops in blood pressure.

I feel like you’re suggesting that the OP gets a raging hard-on and then show it to his siblings and say, “How do you like me now?” I hope I’m misreading you.

neuronerd 28

Haha! Totally not...oh lord...please don't do that, OP.

It’s a great week for seeing family members’ members apparently...

"Size doesn't matter" - some women

Who are feeling the obligation to make men feel good.

How do they know you fainted when the door is locked?

Probably heard a loud "thump"??

how did they even know you'd fainted in the bathtub?

I would imagine the crashing sound of his body hitting the tub maybe?

tell them you're a grower, not a shower..

I wouldn’t have laughed at the size of your penis, I would have made it grow for you...

ezrajab 22

It’s not the SIZE op it’s how you USE it! Keep your head up!

That's what guys with small dicks say.

You only needed one person to rescue you. They’re all jerks.