By RoommateWanted - 10/09/2013 21:02 - United Kingdom - Glasgow

Today, my roommate unexpectedly came home with a new puppy. I'm severely allergic to dogs. When I reminded her of this, she explained that the puppy was her family now and if I didn't like it I should move out because blood is thicker than water. My roommate is my sister. FML
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narkill 13

How can you blame her! It's a puppy! It's not like she could've known you were allergic or anything.

They are sisters. I'm pretty sure siblings would know that about each other.

Yeah, it's not like they knew each other for their whole life or anything.

Maybe failed attempt at sarcasm? Or #1 is as thick as op's sister...

narkill 13

People can't tell sarcasm very well on here, it is known.

Ahhh, when tumbed down, always blame it on the FML community. It's not your fault #1, it's always someone else's.

I got it ;) people never seem to get my sarcasm either :p

Maybe you guys should realize text does not deliever the proper tone for the reader to know you are being sarcastic. You have to give us some sort of hint like "jk" after your comment would sufice.

We need a universal symbol for the fml community to denote sarcasm. Like ~ for instance.

I find that a good old eye roll towards the end helps. That or making a post so outrageous that it is easier for most people to see it as sarcasm than as a serious opinion.

A lot of butthurt people clearly voted this down. I'm sarcasm immune over text and even I understood this.

I feel like most people didn't understand the sarcasm.

I'm pretty sure "/sarc" is often used to denote sarcasm.

18: perhaps you should rephrase that first comment, then. maybe add an actual hint of sarcasm.

lolita88_fml 27

That's really unfair. If you're allergic it should be brought into consideration. But then again, if your sister talks to you like that I reckon she's a bit dim and there's no getting through to her. Kick her in the shins.

Is the puppy a girl? Cause then I could see how they're blood related .. If you know what I mean ;)

#4 Is saying the sisters being a bitch...

55- Adding "If you know what I mean ;)" implies sexual connotation which is severely ****** up in the context. Besides, bitchness does not equal blood relation; there are many bitches in my school and they're not kin!

Gingerette 8

I thought it made sense. Maybe next time, just leave the winky face off.

55: oh, I got it. it just wasn't that good.

lmao, couldn't have said it better myself #63

Someone doesn't like you as their roommate obviously. ;(

or need OPs half of the rent OP time to move out. Make that puppy get a j-o-b.

Another solution: Puppy meet blender. PUPPY SMOOTHIES FOR EVERYONE. jk

daisiebud 18
Pooks7 12

People arent allergic to the fur. It's the dander, which is dead skin cells. Or they're allergic to the saliva. Cant shave that off

DFresh503 8

Ask her if she's allergic to backhand slaps, then find out... That's pretty selfish of OP's sister

skyeyez9 24

The meme of Batman Slapping Robin came to my mind as I read this.

Just find a friend to give the bitch away to. I'll let you figure out which bitch I'm talking about :)