By the un-loved child - 28/07/2013 22:34 - United States - Salida

Today, my mom confessed to loving my "little sister" more than she loves me. My "little sister" is the family dog. FML
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I hope your mom was just kidding. If not get a cat and call it mom and declare your love to it.


Really. Really. Your dog is more important than your /child/??? I love dogs, and will admit that most are a lot nicer than humans, but we lack the depth of communication with them that we have with other people.

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I just imagined that entire rant being screamed, 34.

hahaha BUT WE LACK THE DEPTH ANC COMMUNICATION bahaha thanks that made my day

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ottokat I completely agree with you..especially the comment 34. animals are moreso better than people (especially dogs).. but they dont have the ability to communicate w us in a way that keeps us mentally sound..although close to it. I know when I spend time w my little pup she always makes me feel needed, loved, important.. and in a way we have our own way of talking to each other.

Maybe she loves your little sister more because she's not as mean as you. Referring to you little sister as " the family dog" shame on you op smh... haha I'm just f***ing with you that's pretty messed up though

Dogs love unconditionally it only makes sense to love them back the same.

But not more than your child, for god's sake. I love my dogs, but I think I'd be a bit more torn up if my mother died than them. Not because animals are worth less than humans, but because their life cycles are simply shorter, simpler and you've only got one mother. FYL, OP. FYL.

I thought my sarcasm was pretty obvious. :/ Of course I'm not saying its ok to love a pet more than a family member.

Last I checked, offspring love unconditionally too. So by your logic OPs mom should love her back the same way. Although clearly, that is not the case.

I'm glad it was sarcasm, but no, it wasn't obvious. Normally I can tell sarcasm by inflection in the voice, and when it's text, key words or the level of outrageousness.

Who told you offspring love unconditionally? That's absolutely false. I have known many people throughout my life that have no love for one or both of their parents; myself included.

I hope your mom was just kidding. If not get a cat and call it mom and declare your love to it.

Well... what does your little sister do that you can't?

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Baytheshark 14

24 Valid point, but would it be something you would actually want to do?

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Maybe some counseling could help? But, sorry to hear that.

I… do you need a hug? We love you more than the dog, in a completely platonic, non-creepy way.