By anonymous - 04/09/2014 01:31 - Canada - Saskatoon

Today, it was report card day at swimming lessons. Because it was the last day, a little girl brought me flowers. She was the only kid in that class who didn't pass. FML
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Definitely. spend more time her to show her that you care about her. :)

Talk about crushing someone. Don't discourage her for the rest of her life. Then again, if you pass her & let her think she can swim, she might drown & not have a life.

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Once I got too the end I literally said awe. it's sad but I'm sure if they talked to the parents and offered 1 on 1 for a low price or for free that would help.

You said, "Awe"? What was filling you with awe? Or did you mean "Aww"?

Life is rarely fair, she will learn this the hard way now...

How is this unfair? The girl apparently didn't deserve to pass. Flowers can't change that.

she is a child! she doesn't eed to have her heart broken already we should try and keep the little ones as innocent as possible for as long as possile!

#14: So you'd rather have her "pass" while unqualified just to spare her feelings? I'm sure she'll be grateful until she drowns because she doesn't know how to swim.

Let us refer to the Spongebob episode where Mrs. Puff let Spongebob pass and get his driver's license...

And then you get kids who don't know jack shit about the real world. No thanks.

i hope 14 never teaches swimming lessions

#14: Let me guess; you're one of those people responsible for handing out "participation trophies" to kids who don't win at their extracurricular activities. As Carlin once said, kids need to hear those character-building words, "You lost! You're a loser!" and learn from them.

F*** the people that dislike your post it was none the less true

i learned swimming the hard way where you are left in the deeper part of the pool and are expected to try your hardest to swim with what you learned

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If you suggest the OP should have passed the girl in swimming because of her flowers or her feelings, you are stating that you'd rather a child drown than be sad.

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damn i think that means you need to spend some extra time with her! show her the love she has shown you!

Were her parents aware that she was in danger of not passing prior to report card day?

Well that's very unfortunate. Be as kind to her as you can my friend.