By creepycrawley247 - United States - Ellington
Today, after being nearly homeless and couch-hopping for the last few months, I finally signed a 1-year lease. When I got home, I was surprised to see a picture of my new complex on the front page of the newspaper. It turns out that they are fighting a serious bedbug infestation. FML
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Fact: Hospitals are the most common facility to find those buggers.... And we know how much time the homeless spend at hospitals... Along with schools, public transit and hotels. It's actually way more unlikely for homeless to have them seeing as they mostly avoid those places...besides buses. Even the cleanest people get them. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Not sure where you find your "facts", but hostels and low budget inns are in fact the most commonly infested. Hospital cleaning routines most often kill any bedbugs brought in on patients and staff before they breed.

  jeepers_1  |  21

Anybody, even the cleanest person can get them, they could be on a bus seat or something like that, and then attach to your clothing and end up at your house where it lays eggs and burrows into your couch or bed


#34. Read the news paper. Hospitals are having MAJOR issues with bed bugs. You're welcome for the free education. Glad to learn you something your obviously having trouble learning yourself. Hostels. LOL. Thanks for laugh.

  maosquare  |  18

40, I strongly believe that in order for you to insinuate that someone's unintelligent, there is a need to display some sense of brain activity. From your comment, I highly doubt that much is working up north. Notwithstanding your spelling/grammar, your logic is highly flawed. Your supposed newspaper articles only claimed that hospitals were having make problems with bedbugs. How you linked major problems to number one infestation site bemuse me completely. Moreover, I'm sure we all know that newspapers are th most reliable and unbiased sources of information known to mankind.

Just remember, before you go on a major bitch out at someone, denying them of the basic respect they deserve, remember there are others who too have the capacity to verbally abuse you.