By Anonymous - 19/01/2014 21:08 - Canada - Prince Albert

Today, I bought an automatic air refresher. I put the can and batteries in, and it promptly sprayed a blast of its scent down my throat. Now I can't breathe without tasting it. FML
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at least you will have fresh breath for a week... or two

at least you won't need to buy breath mints for a while


at least you will have fresh breath for a week... or two

Das_is_gud 11

Unless of course op has good hygiene and brushes their teeth twice a day.

gingaa96 18

No I think they advertise that it lasts for up to 8 weeks ;)

Oh god, good luck getting that taste out of your mouth!

Been there, OP. I feel your flowery-scented pain.

wellthen7154 12

Who said it was flower scented? I bet it's cinnamon. Everytime OP breathes in, they choke on the overwhelming cinnamon goodness. Mmm good times, good times.

at least you won't need to buy breath mints for a while

Glade's new ad campaign: Dirty mouth? Clean it up with our surprise spray air freshener! You won't even know what hit you..

pwnman 33

What a fresh problem! Hope for the best!

mrlopez 13

Fresh out of the can ;)

keep your mouth closed at all times :P

Words can't express how perfectly your profile pic fits your comment.

Why was it facing towards you? Why did you have your mouth open?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Probably because OP didn't expect to be sprayed in the mouth...

Maybe he's a mouth breather? Maybe he had a cold or the flu? Maybe after struggling with the packaging he was out of breath? God, the possibilities are endless as to why his mouth was open.

That's why they have directions that tell you to have it aimed the opposite direction.

arandomusernameaa 20

No man reads the instruction manual for an air freshener...

Doesn't matter if you read it or not. If you fail to read it then you shouldn't be mad when the predictable happens.

But usually the batteries and the can of refresher are Put in through the back of the device so why was it facing towards him when the the back should've been facing him?

I think I should also mention that it will scare the shit out of your babysitter when it goes off and you've neglected to tell him/her.

What babysitter are you on about?

Myself actually. Maybe I'm just jumpy.

This is really irrelevant...

hahaa. *insert random babysitting comment*

I think she mean the automatic kinds that spray at intervals or when someone walks by. They're a weird surprise if you don't know they're there.

I am reminded of the people who look directly into the nozzle of a can of OC spray to see why it isn't discharging only to have it discharge into their own faces. "Never look down the barrel of a loaded gun."

perdix 29

Well, stop breathing and all your problems will be solved.

Death is imminent with this philosophy

loss of brain cells is imminent when reading pique's comments......

Looks like its already working.

You now have a breath of fresh air!

Not if it's one of those really heavy scents like cinnamon apple.

It's called a joke.

iammeorami 25

Sounds like those cheesy gum and mint commercials

I know that. I realize my comment didn't come across the way I intended it to. Oh well, It's not a big deal.

Haha that was my point 50 :)