By Anonymous - 02/12/2009 23:29 - United Kingdom

Today, I got my first acting part. I played the role of a bad boy who has to grab the leading lady's ass, who then slaps me in the face. The ass grab was done in one take. The slap required 14 takes. FML
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gigi2009 0

at least you know how to grab some ass :)


Acting part? You're supposed to act while slapping too, aren't you? Thus they generate fake slaps by clapping?

Sooooo..... was she hot? Maybe she can make it up to you after

supernoob 0

some directors dont like the fake-slaps because it looks so fake and the timing can be off. Real slaps is how do it!

dotsdesu 0

if you're a masochist, this works out all fine.

So its an act, and it's not for real, so she wants to slap you 14 times damn

So you did your part perfectly the first time, she did not. What's the problem?

I think the problem is the OP being slapped about for the duration.

Sun_Kissed18 25

and not getting enough ass-grabbing in the process

All I'm saying is the OP is looking at this the wrong way.

then would you like to be slapped 14 times being rewarded with only 1 ass grab?

Seti_fml 0

That's just part of acting lol

gigi2009 0

at least you know how to grab some ass :)

Yea at least we know you are a real man... lol

Maybe you shouldn't have had such a goofy look on your face for the first 13 takes. And you probably have had more practice grabbing asses that she did slapping faces.

I think she did it on purpose because she just enjoys slapping you.

I would. If someone grabbed my ass, even for acting, I'd slap them. I'd enjoy it too.

perdix 29

For the right ass, I'd take about 50 slaps. If you're complaining about 14 slaps, it's either a saggy, fat ass or you're gay.

I think he's complaining about the fact he only got to grab her ass once. :P

Raaa_fml 5

the assgrab was done in one take...