By homealone - 03/05/2012 04:39 - Canada

Today, my parents left on a trip. I wanted to invite my girlfriend over for a few days so we could spend them together. Then my grandparents turn up, "just for a few days, until your parents return, so you won't be alone in this big house." FML
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At least your grandparents care about you ^_^ And that's a good thing, even though you wanted time alone with your significant other:) So think about is positively :3 You got a significant other, and grandparents that care


cupcakesnpot 9

Go to your grandparents house? Or you could always kill them. ... Just saying.

At least your grandparents care about you ^_^ And that's a good thing, even though you wanted time alone with your significant other:) So think about is positively :3 You got a significant other, and grandparents that care

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I think he should hide his woman. You can't get in trouble if you don't get caught. And also how old are you guys that you can't have women over but your girlfriend's parents don't care that she's gone for a few days.

Significant other significant other significant other.

12, I don't think he meant she's not allowed round, just there's a big difference in spending time with your girlfriend when his parents are there to when they're alone. Also, the girlfriends parents may be okay with her staying at his? Doesn't say anything about sneaking around behind their parents' back.

OP you're not gonna have your grandparents around forever. spend some time with them

It seems like it was planned (probably by his parents) for his grandparents to come over. Like babysitters...but if they didn't tell him beforehand then they wouldn't catch crap from him.

62 Are that stupid, you know Kurt Cobain is already dead.

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The parents so set it up. Try sneaking her in?

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Haha same thing happened to me. I just locked my door with my boyfriend with me and he snuck out to work in the morning. =P

If the girlfriend isn't shy and your grandparents aren't that socially conservative, just invite her over anyway and do things with her. Keep the noise down a little, but make it so that your grandparents will at least start taking trips to local attractions on a regular basis.

They don't necessarily have to have sex just because they're together, there are other things couples can do, for example, have a nice chat with the grandparents, they seem like they're nice people from the gesture.

I'm working on the assumption that, if one was inviting ones partner over for time alone in an empty house, and then grandparents came over, and that this was an FML, they would be planning to do things people would not do with their grandparents in the house. I mean, they could be planning to play Grand Theft Auto, or drink out the entire liquor cabinet, or crossdress and have a nerf gun fight - and those are all awesome activities - but sex is kind of the first thing that springs to mind.

I like going to my boyfriend's house when there isn't anyone around. It doesn't mean we're going to have sex; we just enjoy being alone together and spending that time cooking and watching tv. Why we enjoy being alone just to do trivial things is beyond me, but it just feels nice :)

I bet your grandpa would make very good wolf whistles at your girlfriend. It's not hard to keep grandparents away, just give them a game of monopoly and they'll tire out pretty quickly. Then your girlfriend and yourself can "spend time together" ;)

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depends. personally is ask then to go buy me some junk food and ice cream. old people love to spoil grandchildren so I think OP will have about 1hr of free time. so all depends on how long OP can last and how fast the girlfriend can get there.

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My grandma wouldn't tire out of a game of monopoly. Some grand parents are as strong as Chuck Norris

You should have set booby traps so they couldn't get in. Marbles on the floor do they fall and break a hip, set grandpa's head on fire, hit grandma in the face with a paint bucket... Hilarity is sure to ensue and everyone will think you're adorable. Why the hell not, it worked with Macaulay Culkin.

Don't really understand why you've had the thumbs down! The Home Alone films are awesome!

well, obviously he had thumbs down when I wrote that. now I look stupid. -.-

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Like some other people've said, invite her anyway ;) maybe your grandparents remember their own old days and will let it go. If you don't try, you'll never know. And that rhymes, so I'm a 100% right.

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gotta love grandparents. but it's not like you can't still sneak your lady in. they'll never hear why? cause they're you're grandparents.

The only time the word "you're" has been used incorrectly on this site

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@60 Actually I literally said that in a past FML. It has happened before.