By notababymama - 07/02/2010 17:41 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of 3 years saw baby wipes in my bathroom and assumed I had a kid. He broke up with me. I use baby wipes to take off my makeup. FML
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palmtrees 1

If he's really that dumb, be glad you're rid of him. Maybe he was looking for an excuse to break up?

YDI because you could do so much better than a guy who makes decisions by assumptions only.


Ouch. FYL. Or maybe his, for being that stupid. and maybe YDI for going out with someone like that :P

pancakes_n_syrup 0

Am I the only one calling fake on this? They've been dating 3 years..and he sees baby wipes and thinks there's a kid? If a kid was young enough to need the wipes, it would be his kid. This is such a stupid and fake fml. OP should've said 3 weeks..would've been funnier

thoughtcrimeno1 0

Today, my boyfriend of three years broke up with me cos he caught me making up unlikely stories on and assumed I was mentally unstable. fml

Could be true, at least thats the reason (excuse) HE used. The reason the OP deserves the "i agree, your life sucks" is because she was dating a complete idiot, orbecause she was dating a guy that absolutely hated her, and had to use THAT to break up with her.

And also Im sure the boyfriends been over her house many times in the last 3 years so how did he NOT see the baby wipes before today? Tottaly fake!

YDI because you could do so much better than a guy who makes decisions by assumptions only.

exactly, complete dumbass, I would at least ask before throwing away 3 years

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CheshireHalli 19

OR, he was just looking for an excuse to break up with her.

she didn't have a kid! can't you read???? she uses the baby wipes to take off make up. ppl who "YDI" before reading it properly bug me.

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sterl13 0

no the OP actually uses the wipes to clean up after she masterbates and the guy just walked in and left after she wouldn't let him join

blo0_starZz 0

Maybe he dumped via sticky note? :p

this is fake. if you'd been dating for three years he would've known. stupid ****.

tori121 0

I'm really sorry hunny. but I really think he was just using that as a (lame) excuse to break up with you. only a retard would seriously dump his girlfried of over three years because he found baby wipes. maybe you should try and talk to hum about it and see if there is a deeper meaning to all this.

ok right because i'm sure that she knew he was like that when she started dating him dumb ass. If life was that easy there would be a lot less break-up's don't ya think? BUT in all fairness you really don't need someone who is that SLOW, if he never saw a kid in the past what would make him think you have one now? """ohh i get it you were hidding the kid in the closet for the past 3 years right?""""

palmtrees 1

If he's really that dumb, be glad you're rid of him. Maybe he was looking for an excuse to break up?

Yup, their 3 year relationship was completely her fault.

chevygirl_1975 0

get real... how would you not know if some one had a kid after 3 years of dating........FAKE

bridgette5866 0

Wow, if you're dating a guy for three years and he hasn't established you don't have kids, he's a dumbass. FYI, OP, he was probaby looking for an excuse to break up with you and he was too stupid to think of a more probable reason.

TrekkieGirl 0

I'm thinking he was just looking for an out. Since when are guys that observant anyhow?!? He saw the wipes and just assumed....yeah right.

HermonieGranger 0

He broke up with you cause he thought he had a kid? Git!

wouldn't he know after three years whether or not u had a kid or not?? how do u go that long without ever knowing. he is obviously just using it as an excuse

Something seems off about this. Is he really that dumb?? After THREE years...he just now finds something to assume you have a kid... After 3 weeks, that would be understandable...but three YEARS. Something just isn't adding up with that one. I think he might have been looking for a reason to get out of the relationship. If not, he sounds pretty dumb.

My thoughts exactly. I'm pretty sure if OP had a kid he would've met it by now. Therefore, he wouldn't even think that. He'd probably figure someone you know with a kid left them there or something. This FML is fake and idiotic.

I hate posts like these. THEY ARE SO BULLSHIT! There is no way that was the reason. After 3 years he just bolts out of the house and accuses you of having a kid? So FAKE! They should really have people do better screenings of these posts.

And to wipe your ass. There's no shame in that!

It's not necessarily fake. It's entirely possible that he did it solely to get out of the relationship, as has already been mentionned by many people before you, if you had only taken the time to read a bit before shouting "FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!!!1111!!" like an idiot.

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OMG you people really need to get a life-that you couldn't see this is fake? FYL!

wata dumb ex, doesnt even take the time to think, "did i use a condom" or "was she birth control" or some shit like that, or not even takin the time to talk about it