By EmbarrassedDaughter - 23/05/2010 07:27 - Canada

Today, I was on my bed on top of my boyfriend when I lost my balance and fell. My father walked in the door to see what the noise was. I don't know what is more embarrassing, my father walking in, or him walking in saying "Thats an expensive bed." FML
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I bet she's glad that she isn't your girlfriend too..!

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I am so convinced all of these FML's are written by high school bitches.


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why is this an fml? because your father cares about the bed?

Were you and your boyfriend nude, when you fell off?? If not, I truly fail to see the FML!!! And yet again, I honestly want a "Suck it up pussy" button!!!

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Ohhhhhhhh Canada... Well at least you have an expensive bed! That means there won't be any sqeaking right?

Nowadays every body gets sex except me. FML.

you should be happy your father didn't kill your boyfriend OP

btw 22 I would sign a petition for the suck it up pussy button

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36 how pity u r not a girl. U would be good one. :(

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hahahahaha wowwww.. maybe he was just in shock? "Uhhhh... Ummmm... Th-Th-Thats an expensive bed.." *slams door and runs*

he obviously just bought the bed, and thought you were jumping on it. Turns out you were jumping on the bed, just with something in between you and the bed.

Whoever pointed out that she was in Canada = smart. Canadians are way different than normal people. OP would've probably rathered that her dad raged on her bf instead of taking the obviously calm, surprised route. Why? I don't know. I'm not Canadian...

So? The majority of people on earth have sex, including your father. Unless you were adopted.

Uhmm yeah I have to agree this isn'e an FML.. Now it would be an FML if your dad asked to join.. Haha SICK.

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actually your 3rd. and idgi

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It is worded quite poorly: 'my father walked in the door'.

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haha I don't get how yu lost yer balance.. what a clutz and yer dad is the SHIZ ha

How bowt yu tawk lyk a norml persun dum ass

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it's okay. well how would you lose balance so easily. ? and maybe it was expensive

how do u lose balance? im glad ur not my girlfriend because i sleep with the best and u sound like a sex noob lol YDI

I bet she's glad that she isn't your girlfriend too..!

Nice job trying to sound like a badass sex machine to a group of strangers there stud.

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not all teens are pro's at sex

clearly but they should all take lessons :D

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take...lessons? I thought you could just...wing it...

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you should try backing up so you don't have to break your neck in the picture