By TheKingKen - Australia - Perth
Today, as I was picking up my 5-year-old brother from school, he hugged a girl from his class to say goodbye. His classmate's mom and I looked at each other, thinking it was adorable, until my brother decided to dry hump the side of his classmate's thigh. FML
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Damn, sucks to be OP! I wouldn't wanna be him.
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  TheKingKen  |  22

We don't have any pets at all. I absolutely have no idea how, when and where he learned that. He was never the type of kid to do something like that. Afterwards, I just looked at the mother walk away from us and I stood there for a few seconds to process what I just witnessed.

  acerredrum  |  23

I've worked at a daycare before and honestly it is REALLY common at that age. They get it from realizing that it feels good when they touch there. Though it is usually rubbing against things, not people. :/ Girls do it too, I had to explain to a woman what her daughter was doing rubbing against the corner of a table.

  foxwasalamb  |  24

i think you should go read the FML about the mother slapping the kid on the head. violence towards children isn't the answer.

  Bullet75  |  8

Although this is not a situation when you should do it, moderate violence is actually called DISCIPLINE, don't spoil your kids, they will end up bad

  TheKingKen  |  22

Man, it was the most awkward thing ever. I have never seen a mother walk away from someone so quickly before. It was almost like she's dragging her daughter away from my brother.