Private freakouts

By Anonymous - 19/01/2022 23:02

Today, my son warned me that unless I get his older brother to stop picking on him, he’d do it himself. I didn’t take it seriously, until I got home from work to find he'd had beaten his brother unconscious. His justification was that he's warned me he’d "do it himself.“ FML
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Looks like you did nothing to stop it. This is a **** your son's life.

Good for him. He just Friday’d your oldest.


Good for him. He just Friday’d your oldest.

Looks like you did nothing to stop it. This is a **** your son's life.

You couldn't have done anything about it. That's not how boys work. You can only hope the older boy stops being an asshole after the beatdown, and this is not the beginning of a revenge cycle.

Man I don't know why you got so many down votes, all you said was the truth.

it was a perfectly legit justification. your youngest asked you to step up and be a parent and you failed him. you should have stepped in before it ever got to that point. put your phone down and be a parent

YDI, parenting should also account on teaching your kids to defend other than to rely on an adult. in most instances adults dont handle it properly allowing it to continue.

Reminds me of the CRIMINAL MINDS episode "Elephant's Memory" where a bullied kid lashed out violently at his tormentors. When a humiliating video came out and the ones who set it up weren't punished, the kid was told he'd have to "sort it out for himself." Dr. Reid, who had been bullied himself, replied, "Yeah. Right now he's sorting it out for himself WITH AN ASSAULT RIFLE."

When a kid complains of bullying you deal with it! Vdm for him having a parent who doesn't take him seriously.

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The older brother got what he deserved

while I agree you should have stepped in. how old we talking and define "picking on" because this may have been self defense or this might be a massive violent over reaction and your son needs counciling . brothers pick on eachother growing up its what we do, I have 2 brothers. and there is a point it stops being "learn to shrug it off" and becomes outright bullying. either way you need to figure out your role as a parent because this could get much worse.

OP, I do not have kids, nor do I want them, yet I am a better parent than you. Your younger/youngest son gets a pass, you and your eldest get a hefty bill.