By Zuzubat - / Thursday 5 September 2013 23:29 / Canada
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Awe, where's the fun in that? This is one of those situations where OP should make her file a ton of paperwork in a certain order. When she's nearly completed it, OP should change how it should be filed. That game could last for weeks, if not months. If she's smart, OP can assign all the annoying projects to her haha.


she didn't forget that she quit, she's kind of abusing the power she clearly knows she has over the boss


She REMINDED him she wants to keep working part-time. That means that she told him before... It's pretty obvious it's his fault.


I asked for no Superbad in my Office Space. No Superbad! But there is clearly Superbad in my Office Space. I will take my comments to a competing website!

I think your boss should have said "No, sorry, you already quit. If you would like a job- consider putting in an application, or just have a nice day" There is no reason that op should have to make up stuff for her to do as I am sure that op has his own job to do.

"She reminded the boss" about the part time. She didn't quit, she asked to be put part time and it seems the boss forgot >_>

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