By jake - 27/06/2009 21:11 - Denmark

Today, it's been a few days since I decided to give this girl I like the silent treatment.I've been writing on/off with her for a few weeks, but decided to stop a bit, to seem mysterious. When I logged on Facebook today, her status was " so happy that annoying guy has stopped writing to me!" FML
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Just because you like her obviously doesn't mean she likes you :P

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You give her the silent treatment and expect her to nice to you?


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hahah.. that girl outright owned you man! YDI.. kind of.

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wtf how did you get first before me!!!!!!!!!! FML FML FML FML

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hahahahah... Good day to you sir!

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It would only be annoying if she didn't respond back. FYL Dude she's a bitch anyway she shouldn't have been msging u back if she didn't want to talk 2 u!

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How do you know she is even talking about you???????

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#40 Maybe She was messaging him back to try to be nice even though she thinks he is annoying

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well she most likely is because just when he stops writing to her that becomes her status

Holy crap. You didn't get first on an FML post. Oh my God I'm so sorry. What will your parents think?


#153, that was awesome. Hahaha :D

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Why are so many people clicking YDI on this? Stupid bitch should have said something.

she`s a bich ha?! well she`s not! u boys r assholes !!

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Awwh. D: At least you know not to bother her anymore? but she could've told you in a nicer way. or maybe she tried to, and you just didn't take the hint. by the way, 'mysterious' doesnt work out to well. she'll think you're not into her. (second!:P)

Just because you like her obviously doesn't mean she likes you :P

You were too nice earlier. You've got to go full on asshole if you expect this to work.

true dat!! You will only get chicks when you're an asshole. "Nice guys finish last" isn't a joke.

that's not true at all. it's annoying guys who finish last.

the good girls want nice guys. and that's a fact. i guess you guys just want the easy ones

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you know damn well that's not the case every time..

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Not true. My boyfriend was never an asshole and I'm sure he gets laid more than most assholes.

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I think you can be annoying-nice or annoying-mean, and those finish last because they lack charisma. The unfortunate thing is that there seems to be too many annoying men in the nice category and too many suave men in the mean category.


I agree with 100 and 101. Fosho.

Of course it isn't always the case. But this was the approach he was trying to take, and he failed hard at it. He would've been better off if he'd been a douche initially. She wouldn't have seen him as annoying, rather, she'd be interested because of his apparent lack of interest in her. You always want what you can't have. Assholes win in the short term. Unless what you really want is a string of short term relationships over the course of your youth (and increasing lonlieness as you age), it's definitely not the way to go about it. Nice guys are heartbroken as adolescents, only to find love when women get over their attention stage learn to value decency. So keep that in mind the next time some girl runs of with a jerk - that jerk is going to die alone.

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Why do girls say they want nice guys when they always ignore the nice guys because they don't look like holister models?

147 - this is unfortunately true. 174 - Because when they say they want nice guys, they mean they want attractive nice guys. Unfortunately, being attractive means you're far more likely to be an asshole in some way, male or female. Arrogant, vain, what have you, you're more likely to be it when you're attractive. It's because it makes you feel like you're better than people. Now, I'm not saying attractive people are all (or even mostly) jerks or douches or whatever, but I AM saying that they're more LIKELY to be... ESPECIALLY below age thirty, but mostly below 25 or so... Hell, I'm pretty and I'm an arrogant bitch when I'm not being as nice as I can be. -shrugs- It just happens. Plus, it seems to me that a lot of the self-proclaimed "nice guys" complaining about this aren't really that nice. They're just pretending to be nice to make up for the fact they've got nothing else going for them... and yes, they give ACTUAL nice guys a REALLY bad name. Even if there aren't that many selfish, worthless assholes pretending to be sweet to get in some gal's (or guy's...) pants (and failing miserably, of course), they definitely make it SEEM like they're in the 30% category, because they seem to be the ones who get around the most (and by get around, I don't mean getting laid, because that ain't gonna happen; true colors show very easily with folks like them). Besides, 172 had it right on. Jerks usually have lots of short term relationships early on in life, and nice guys find that perfect gal (or close enough, anyway) later in life. Guess which category ends up being happy a lot more often? This usually goes hand in hand with bitches and nice girls, too. I wonder why.

Isn't there a correlation? There's something about being nice that's annoying; something about being mean that's suave. It seems to me to be the girl equivalent of guys claiming that "Looks don't matter much..." through their teeth. (Admittedly that was a pretty darn big generalisation.)

totally agree with u... u should've just approached her... sending messages through facebook is kinda annoying...

The ones with the big speeches are right, unfortunately. Most adolescent/teenage girls don't have a clue what they really want. You've gotta wait, let's just hope they don't die young on you

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You give her the silent treatment and expect her to nice to you?

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Haha, you idiot. You got 7th and you had to reply to the first poster and whine why you didn't get the first post. I hate stupid ******* people like you. The goal of commenting is not to be the first poster, get a ******* a life.

What makes you think he's "stupid ******* people"? He could be SMART ******* people...

Why are you and this girl Facebook friends if she's referring to you as "that guy"? Also, seriously... The silent treatment? Really? How old are you?

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how is silent treatment immature or bad? i guess it could be bad because she could see it as being mean but that is far from meaning he deserves it and to anyone else commenting about stalking: HOW IS TALKING TO HER ON FACEBOOK STALKING HER? facebook is meant for friends to talk online so it cant be stalking because they were only talking and nothing like him sneaking into her house while she's sleeping which is obviously creepy she could have obviously blocked him if she wanted to though she could have meant someone else

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45, he gave her the silent treatment in order to seem mysterious. That's about as immature as anything anyone has ever done in the history of the world.

more immature than farting in someones face ?

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k, well the person before me doesn't know how to condense their message into a reasonable space, so i'll say my take on things.. Giving the silent treatment can of course be seen as immature, but if you're someone who has tried it, you KNOW that it works wonders. The person starts wondering what's up, starts caring more and being more attentive, and wants to get closer to you. HOWEVER, in my experience, this works perfectly well with guys who care about a woman in the first place. it does NOT work with guys who don't give a shit to start with, or with men using it on women.

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and by the way, when i said 'the person before me' I was talking about a comment that is now deleted but the same person as #45.

it's called stalking. not something nice to do.

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Since you are Facebook friends, she obviously knows you will read her status. She has no class and you are better off without her!

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"silent treatment" = YDI. Grow up.

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You Deserve It. Common Fmylife term.

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Ahhhh lol I normally just read the FMLs, don't comment much :P