By vickyxanne - 13/06/2009 00:10 - United States

Today, I was cleaning out my fiancé's room while he was away so we could move into our new home. Not only did I find a few gay nudie mags, but also some interesting love letters from a nice man named Pablo. Apparently I need to do a lot more than cleaning his room to excite him. Like grow a penis. FML
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debo123 0

Sorry to hear that but atleast you found out BEFORE u married him

You could also buy a strap-on fireman.


debo123 0

Wow u need a STRAP ON

srry I posted to be at the top but when u r in "the throws of passion" hold him down and u yell out "CAN PABLO DO THIS!?"

suppepz 0


no she needs a new man

this sounds like a comedy movie xD

You could also buy a strap-on fireman.

HaHa TV References =P

debo123 0

Sorry to hear that but atleast you found out BEFORE u married him

ZoeyAngel29 0

u mean HIM

Laci_Laine 0

Ha ha ha! I always fall for gay guys too!! I have no idea why... Only the ones that are still pretending to be straight tho of course

because gay guys are awesome and amazing!

Shshshar_ssscene 0

Ouch I know that sucks had the same thing happen to me :/

Bahaha, love the diction/syntax here... It's not all that funny, but your last sentence: sold it.

Noah_h 0

Ahaha strap on maybe??? LOL FYL

Yulia_fml 0

I enjoy these FML's about faulty fiancee's. It shows that there is justice in the world by people discovering these things before the expensive wedding.

Maybe he's bisexual? Have you considered that? I mean, it's still wrong that he wasn't more upfront with you, but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy heterosexual sex.

there's a number of reasons he hasn't told her yet. fear of rejection, being uncomfortable with it yourself, not knowing how to explain it, being afraid you'll be hated, ect. ect. yeah, you should tell tour SO about something like this before the fiancé stage, but I can understand how OPs fiance might feel about opening up about something like this.