By shadow - United States - Osceola
Today, my mother-in-law told my fiancé that I had to leave and wasn’t allowed to live there anymore. I own the house. She’s mad because I locked the door so she couldn't walk in anytime she wanted. FML
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By  saberjpg  |  6

You don't just marry a person, you marry their family too. You become part of the family. So unless you are planning to move very far away once you are married, you will be spending all kinds of time with a crazy mom who clearly doesn't think you are good enough for her son and also believes she should have access to your home. far, run fast, and don't look back.

  Carl Keany  |  9

Problem is some of the best relationships over come such obticals together that been said I believe the generation before the 90s baby's are the most damaged....

By  Bridger Walczynski  |  12

Time to talk to your SO about ground rules. obviously they need to grow up and talk to their mother and tell them what is and isn't okay in YOUR home. And if they aren't grown enough to do that, it might be time to find someone new