By bymyself - 07/02/2011 02:05

Today, the nicest thing said to me all day was from my microwave, which flashes "Enjoy your meal" when it finishes cooking something. FML
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My microwave doesn't even say that :( Be happy you have a little buddy OP.

smart microwave =)


smart microwave =)

iSitt 0

'open the microwave door, HAL.' 'I'm sorry, fatty. I can't do that.'

mine just says 'OPEN'. ....

Mine doesn't say shit it just rings.

mine says "enjoy your meal" too :)

rallets 22

same here #26, i need to get me one of these microwaves o_O

Mine just says "End" :/ Lame

rockyraccoon28 8

uhhhhmmm. mine says "beep beep beep". I guess they've come out with some pretty snazzy microwaves.

rawr: your microwave is terrifying. it predicts the end of everything we know of every time you eat your hungry man.

my microwave tells me to go die in a hole :'(

Dude, I want this microwave.

The_Moustache 6

Mine just goes "Screw you!" until I open the door. I also installed voice.

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Ask the microwave a question!

My microwave doesn't even say that :( Be happy you have a little buddy OP.

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umm... wow....let's not have a big fat "feeling sorry for ourself" party.. to be you...but still...i hope u have better days...:)...first

Fourth* and who cares??

that's an awesome microwave! I want one of those!

atomicJ 0

you mean compliment? dyke

Why are you complaining op!? I wish my microwave did that!!

This would be more or an FML if that was the nicest thing said to you all week or all month. :/

technochik3 12

more OR an Fml?

I love microwaves :3

nice. did you say 'thank you'? haha.